Monday, April 21, 2008

Which is worse?

I received two brand new Tinkerbell things to wear (nightshirt & swimsuit cover-up) for my birthday. Looking at the size I almost knew they weren't going to fit. I mean come on I haven't worn a small size high school, if then. Especially after having babies and breastfeeding them ;0) But the giver was so sure I could wear them, she kept going on and on and on about 'how huge they are! I'm sure they will fit. I mean look how huge they are!'

I just kept hearing that over and over in my head as I tried the swimsuit cover-up on, it won't even go below my shoulders *sigh* And the nightshirt, well it will go to my hips, then no further. And it's kind of tight so not so comfortable to sleep in not to mention if it gets tossed in the dryer it will no longer fit me but probably my 8 yr old.


Then the same person had been given a bunch of clothes from someone, they were all too big so they brought them to me. All of the shirts looked way to little when I went through the bag but I deluded myself and kept a few out that I really liked. Then there were two pair of American Eagle jeans, with a mile wide butt on them so I pulled those out too. The shirts have since been tossed because they don't fit, at least I can get them on but it isn't pretty, you know what I mean?

Then there are those jeans that look like they have the mile wide behind, those jeans that won't go over my hips or if I stuff my hips into them they are NOT going to button.


I can't decide which is worse, being bigger then huge as I so obviously am because those HUGE shirts won't fit. OR knowing your behind/hips is wider then a mile because those jeans with the mile wide hips etc. won't fit.


jenn said...

I know how you feel. I get gifts all the time that never fit. I wish people would just give me giftcards or something for the house. Let me pick out my own clothes.

Jen said...

Oh no! I totally can relate and I don't know which is worse. It's awful when someone gives you clothes and they say how HUGE they are and then they don't fit. It's happened to me on many occasions, especially after bearing children *Sigh*

Julie said...

Yeah they both are not great! lol
Oh and I got your "hidden meaning" in your comment to me.. :) Her name will be Abigail! :) Middle name is still under negotiation but will either be Rose Marie or Rose. :)

kitchentablechat said...

Oh Jennifer, I so know how you feel...I am feeling that way right about now...
Sometime soon I have got to go buy a summer dress or dress suit for Daniel's 5th grade graduation. I feel the anxiety already hitting me..

You look great to me Jennifer!

By the way...I am hosting a Bloggy Give Away of a Hannah Montana Headband on my blog....

Angela said...

Oh, sweetie! That stinks. Seriously- people should not be giving other people clothes for gifts. Maybe you don't even like Tinkerbell. BUT- you had a good idea- give the set to your daughter!

Anyway- you are beautiful because of who you are. Not what size clothes you can fit into.

Anonymous said...

my hips will never be the same... bring on the chocolate! -- lori