Friday, May 2, 2008

Dance, Dance

Is it a revolution?
Nope, just the 'big night' of the Spring half of our dance year.
We had dress rehearsal for 5 hours last night before we were released.
Then we returned at 7:55am for 10:00 curtain call this morning. I helped usher the 1500 students & teachers into the performance hall for that show.
Tonight I just get to sit and watch, again. Not that I don't want to see it but I have seen it at least 3 times completely now so......... maybe I'll be in the lobby with the youngest one when he gets bored. LOL.
We (dd & I ) came home and grabbed a nap, oh yeah the 4 yr old too since he's the one that got me up at 5:30am, a whole hour before I needed to be up. Not to mention I didn't sleep well all night anyways.
So we're back at 5pm this evening for the 7pm curtain call....then cast party, which we may skip. Hopefully there is no class tomorrow morning at 10am.
Just two weeks left of the season, 3 classes, one dress rehearsal and the end of the year recital.

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Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Oh my! How fun :D are going to put up video highlights of the performance? or just be happy when it's over!