Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Even Better!!

While trying to figure out who was going to keep their older boys and who was going to go to the hospital with them when the time came I volunteered that I would go OR keep the boys. It came down to her only wanting to leave the boys with her mom so I was to go when the time came.

Guess where I was yesterday!?!?!?!

Yep, he's here!! Due date was 6/25, she never makes it full term he weighed in at 7lbs 1oz at 6:10pm last night, 5 weeks early. So, technically they consider him a preemie but he sure doesn't look like it!!

I got the call to head to the hospital right at 1:00pm and go there by 2pm ( I was at my parents and had to bring hubby and our kids home first). I arrived just in time for her hubby to leave the room while they did the epidural. He can't handle seeing her like that very well so he wanted others there. It was me and one of her cousins and WOW. What a thing to experience!!

She was a trooper, even with the epidural she was feeling pretty much every thing on her left side the whole time.

But wow, what an experience!! Yes, I have three kids but to be there and NOT be the one going through labor, seeing what is happening THEN cutting the cord~ yep that was me!! Her hubby was too shaky & we didn't want him passing out to the floor, he sat in a chair through the labor & delivery which was good. ;0)

So today...we have a new nephew. Today we have a blessing from God, I don't know how anyone who doesn't believe in God can't if they've even witnessed a baby coming into this world.

I'm hoping to go see him again this evening, before we head out of town to Washington D.C. on Thursday, this was excellent timing now I won't worry while we're gone three days!! LOL!!

Oh, one more thing if you guys (Keithann or Okey) are reading this. THANK YOU for letting me be a special part of your lives and little Levi's too!!


jenn said...

I bet it was beautiful! I have 3 kids, all sections. I want more than anything to witness a birth, and hopefully my daughters will allow me to be present when they have babies.

Congrats to all!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh how exciting! Both for the birth and to have been there - congratulations to the whole family! :)

The Pfennig's said...

I wish I was there

Jen said...

What a privilege to be able to witness a birth. I've had two kids, but would love to be there to witness someone else having a baby first hand. Congrats to the parents!! :)

it's me, Val said...

That is so awesome. I had all c-sections, too, so I got to experience my first birth last August. It was the best experience ever having never seen it before. Congratulations on your new nephew! He is so big for being 5 weeks early -- wow!