Thursday, May 15, 2008

For sale!

We received a phone call from our realtor on Friday evening that the house we offered on was still for sale. The sellers actually contacted her to see if we'd be willing to meet at $125k. Only thing holding us back? We have to sell our place first and they aren't willing to sign a contract with us with that contingency in effect.

So...we've put our house on the market (by owner) and if we get an offer we'll just have to write it into any contract that it's contingent upon us getting that place we want. Once we get an offer here we'll call and see if it's still available and meet that offer (or around there) and go from there.

I just got the listing completed on craigslist and I'm off to check out prices to run the ad in our local paper this weekend.

Big breath! Lots to do, lots of work, hope it sells get the gist all the normal jitters!!


jenn said...

Hope things work out for you!

Jen said...

AWESOME!!! Oh, I hope you get the house and yours sells quickly!! YAY!

Julie said...

That's great! I hope that your house sells and you get this one! :)

The Lees said...

Hey good luck!! I like the new colors. You make my blog look SO boring. I'm going to go play w/ it, LOL>

it's me, Val said...

Oh man. This brings me back to a year ago when we were dealing with the same issues. Moving, buying, selling . . . not an easy process!! But I've found that when the right place comes about, it all falls into place. If this place is where you're meant to be, you'll sell the house really easily, I know it :) Good luck!