Thursday, May 22, 2008

My ballerina!!

At the school of ballet R. attends they offer the 'fun track' or the 'pre-professional' track.

On the pre-professional track you begin in AP (apprentice) 1 classes, then AP 2, Jr Company (where you take your first year en pointe after age 11) then after one year en pointe you can audition for Company Apprentice or Company levels. To participate in any of these classes you have to try out first.

She did not try out last year and her teacher kept after me all summer & the first week of classes to let her participate in AP 1. I finally gave in around 2 weeks into classes. She has loved it and really grown as a dancer.

You must try out each year, it's more for all the teachers to see what you've improved on through out the year and where to place you the following year. Just because you are in AP 1 one year doesn't mean you'll automatically move up and so on. It also doesn't guarantee you'll be Company when you reach that age. You have to work hard and devote yourself for that.

Well this past Saturday the try outs for next year were held. Rachel received her letter in the mail yesterday with the 'invitation' to join the AP 2 level next year!!!! She was moved up by the teachers & director! She is so ecstatic and ready to work harder next year!! The girl does not walk anywhere anymore, she glides, points her toes like she's been taught in class, is constantly stretching, practicing her dance moves and such.

She has a few weeks break right now but she is taking a one week class with a guest teacher from the Russian Ballet Company in June too.
On another note, the sellers signed the contract. We now have about 3-4 weeks until we need a contract on this place so we can finalize everything by July 31st. I manged to get our first choice of a home inspector scheduled too. He will go out next Friday morning, we won't be able to attend though as we're going to be in Washington, D.C. Thursday-Saturday late night next week.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

That's awesome - both on her dancing and on the sellers signing the contract! I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the home inspection goes well and that a buyer comes along soon for your current house! :)

The Lees said...

That is awesome! Congrats to you little bella ballerina. We're third year and it takes a lot of work! I"m so impressed at her moving up through the levels. I don't think a lot of folks understand the time & commitment. CONGRATS!

it's me, Val said...

Oh congratulations!!! I will cross my fingers and say a prayer that you sell soon.

It is going to work out :)

jenn said...

Congrats to the lovely ballerina!

Jen said...

CONGRATS to your daughter! That is wonderful. How very very exciting. . . and congrats to you! I'm so happy you're in contract and hope that you sell your place really soon :)