Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rant on

I'm a tad bit frustrated.

We have had horrible rain here for almost two weeks straight. A few years ago we had some phone problems, water in the lines, horrible static, could hear the neighbors on their phone on our phone etc. Well my hubby pulled part of our lines out and ran new to the 3 jacks we now use (they originally went to 3 more jacks too). Back to my rant.

The last few days our phones have been BAD. Static, worse with the wind, but comes and goes. Well now it's pretty steady & horrible.

Remember our house is up for sale? Well our home phone number is on that sign in the yard.
How horrible is it to answer the phone but can't hear anyone or to not answer the phone because you don't want them to know there are phone issues?

So today I broke down and begged hubby to call the phone company. AFTER I took a phone outside, plugged it into the box on the side of the house and realized it's not just our lines, it's from the pole to the house as it's just as bad out there. So he called them for me (as I obviously can't use our land line to call & my cell is prepaid & about out of minutes that I'm trying to tweak out another week or two until we go to D.C.) they finally agreed to send someone out. ON JUNE 4TH!!!!!! TWO WEEKS?

What good is that going to do? I'm betting the lines dry out (if it ever quits raining ~later in the week) and all is fine & dandy when they come. Seriously what is the point in calling customer service if it takes them TWO WEEKS to come out?

So....I just had a call on the house, a very interested call on the house. I answered long enough to give him my cell number and apologized profusely when he called me back. I guess I'll just let any other calls go to voicemail and return calls from my cell explaining the pain in the rear phone company's slowness in fixing the problem. But then again, maybe we won't need any other calls~one can dream can't one?

*Rant over*

**EDITED** I have since found out I am not the only one in our area experiencing these problems. Actually our realtor who lives about 10 miles from us is also experiencing the same thing!! So she called the Public Service & Utilities Commission. Guess what? The phone company is coming out TOMORROW to fix hers. I think I shall make a phone call to the PSUC tomorrow to see what they can get done. And they are getting her bill credited for the days she hasn't been able to use it. And yes, I said realtor...we have an update there too!!


crystal said...

Jenn, we have exactly the same problem. Every *%*&^%*&^ time the phone company comes out they say it's fine. No shocker that it's not windy or raining on those days! RRRRRrrrrr!!!!

Jen said...

MAN! I can't believe it's taking the 2 weeks, especially when you are trying to sell your house so you can get into that other house you want. I hope the rain dries up and you can at least sell the house as things will look great if it's dry (hopefully) and then on June 4th, they can come re-do all the lines and make it perfect for the next people who WILL buy your house. Good luck!! :)