Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shower Time!!

My SIL & BIL are expecting a baby boy within a month now. Her 'due date' is June 25 but she's went early with her older two. Her oldest is 9, second is 6. She's lost two in the past 6 years and once she herself was really bad, had to have emerency surgery etc. So she'd given everything away and such in the past 6 years, you know?

So we all were so excited that another baby is on his way to their house, after 6 long years. That she was able to get pregnant again and carry this one to term, we planned a shower!! I was in charge of making the invitations and thank you notes to hand out today. I forgot to keep a thank you for myself so I can't show you how crafty I got with them ~OOPS~

It was today and it was for everyone, friends, family, men, women & kids. I'm not sure how many where there but there was a bunch of us at the local park. We had beautiful weather, plenty of food and best of all? She should be set with diapers and clothes if nothing else for quit some time!!

It was good to see some we don't see often, although most of the family goes to church together, and just to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Levi James.

It was nice, but we've been outside ALL day and now I'm wore out! I bet we all sleep good tonight LOL!!


Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

What fun! So nice of you to throw a baby shower for them :D You're so good...

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh congratulations to your SIL and BIL - how exciting to be expecting a new little guy, especially after so long. I'm glad that the shower went well! :)