Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Awesome Anniversary!!

So what did I get from my dear hubby, you ask?


Yes, you're seeing correctly. I'm all excited about a burger. If you know me well or have been reading me very long you know I have a fetish with SONIC . I am soo not a burger eater but I love their burgers!! And unfortunately for me there is only one in the state (maybe two if they've finished another) but either one is at least a 45 mile drive from our house. Now, that didn't use to matter but since gas prices have jumped more & more we don't make that drive very often JUST to get a burger ;) Last time was February as we had to attend a birthday party for his sister just 10 miles from Sonic, the next time will possibly be in September on the way to WDW.

So I specifically asked for a burger from Sonic for my anniversary. With the new house purchase coming up we're getting some furniture and I said that could be considered a anniversary present for us but I wanted a burger!! He took off work at noon and by 2pm my fetish was being indulged. ***************YUM**************** I joked while sitting there I needed another one to go, for today. Now I'm wishing I hadn't joked about it LOL!!

I guess you now know one more 'weird' thing about me!! I told him many men would be happy that their wives asked ONLY for a burger for their anniversary. haha


Jen said...

Happy Anniversary to you yesterday! What a fabulous hubby to go and do that for you! I think it's the little things that count and the fact that he did what you wanted and craved is adorable!

Julie said...

You're not're unique! And it's great that he did that for you! My hubby would be like "Are you sure?" His women co-workers would be like "No, you need to get her more than that!"
Um, no. If I ask for a cheeseburger for my anniversary (which sounds yummy) then that is what I want! :) lol
I'm glad you had a great anniversary!

The Lees said...

i got cabinets, lol... when did we get old & domestic? he he.

Milly said...

Sonic has some good shakes too like Pineapple and Banana, Now I'm hungry LOL
Hope you had a great Anniverary

Jennifer said...

Lori ~ ye, when did we? Technically we're getting new furniture becaue we NEED it, I WANT it and we have the money. But ince we're getting ready to spend so much I told him I just wanted a burger now then we could go buy the furniture when we move. I've been asking for new family room furniture for close to a year now LOL!!

Milly ~ Yes, they do!! But I prefer the orange cream slush. My Grandma used to buy me dreamsicle and this is what they remind me of. Thanks for dropping by!!

Lisa said...

I love Sonic's burgers. I didn't have one until I moved to VA and had no clue how good they are. They're awesome.

Stacy said...

Girl, that is ALL we do for our anniversary....burger or out to eat with all 5 kids! HAHAHA We have a few sonics in town but we never really liked them that much...AAAAHHH>..guess because my first Sonic experience had a hair in it. YUCK! I've only been back one time and that was 3 years ago.

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

What a fun story! Happy belated anniversary to you :D
Yay for you getting new furniture too!