Monday, June 9, 2008

House update!

We showed our house twice last Sunday after getting back in town from D.C. At 1pm J. came. She's an older lady who lives two counties away & was widowed 5 years ago. Her sisters and many other relatives live here in our neighborhood or nearby. She really liked it. So well in fact that she called Wednesday night to make an appointment for tomorrow evening to come back. My hubby talked to her and is expecting her to make an offer.

Then on Friday the other couple that came at 2pm on Sunday called back. He specifically said he was considering making an offer but wanted to do another walk through. So he made an appointment for this evening at 6pm. I did tell him that we had another interested buyer who already had an appointment for tomorrow and that we'd have to hear both offers before making a decision.

Then on Monday morning we got our inspection report back on the place we're purchasing. There are some concerns there. So much so that we asked for the price to be lowered so we could deal with them or them to deal with fixing it. They returned that they had contractors coming in to actually give estimates and see what would be the best thing to do and would get back to us this Wednesday or Thursday.

So, I've worked my behind off this morning scrubbing shower and all to show it again this evening and tomorrow. To entertain offers that we won't make a decision on until we hear back about our new place, so Friday before we make a decision. I hope the offers are good ones and we have a hard time choosing between them ;0)


Jen said...

WHAT GREAT NEWS!!! I hope you get them both wanting the house, so you get an AWESOME OFFER! What a great thing to happen, especially with the market the way it is in most the country! I hope the owners of the home you wanna buy get things fixed for you :)

jenn said...

I hope you get exactly what you want!!!

The Lees said...

Good luck!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh that's awesome - I hope that you get two awesome offers! And that everything can get fixed on the new house. So exciting! :)