Thursday, June 26, 2008

I stand corrected....

There are 4 Sonic's in the state of West Virginia.

Still the closest one is 39.33 miles away PLUS the toll fee on that road. Then 40.33 miles away ~ where we went the other day. The other two are 60-70 miles away. I guess they are expanding, just not any closer to me!!


kitchentablechat said...

I feel for ya Jennifer.
I have 6 Sonic's within 6 miles of me....YES 6.
Then I have another 4 between 15 and 25 miles from me.

We must be "Sonic" Blessed....LOL

Judy said...

Wow...there are 5 within 20 minutes of my house...West Virginia is surely Sonic deprived...LOL...but you've got mountains, and we don't (Mississippi) Mountains are way better than Sonic any day.