Thursday, June 12, 2008


So we 're-showed' the house Monday night to one of hte couple's who had previously been here. And he made an offer, a really high offer, only $2k below our asking price. Which stunned us. We never expected to receive an offer that high. We were ecstatic.

Then Tuesday morning rolled around and he called back. We hadn't put anything in writing yet as we wanted time to discuss it (well we were in agreement but didn't want to seem to eager) AND we still didn't know what was going on with our future place. He called back....and withdrew his offer. Not because he didn't love the house, not because he didn't think that was a good offer and was willing to pay that but because he went home and went back over his finances and just thougth he shouldn't take it on right now. He needs to sell a truck and his current house before taking on another payment. And his house isn't ready to be put up for sale.

So there was our high emotion to our low emotion.

BUT we had an appt. for that evening to do another 're-show' to a interested party. She loves it too but it's a big change for her. Anyways, she just called back with an offer. A bottom offer, the lowest we'd go....not that she knows that. We asked for a few days to talk it over. She's out of town at the moment too so is fine with that.

So there is our so-so emotion for the week.

Now.....our future place. They brought a contractor in (our inspector had said there was a "possible cause of concern with a possible bow in a foundation wall") to see what he said needed done. They called this morning (via our agent) and he says it isn't that bad. He doesn't think it's actually a bad thing that will cost $18,000-$20,000 to fix. It might years from now but not anytime soon. But then again, he can't guarantee that.

Not to mention the offer we have on our place is less then what we're in contract to pay for the future place. And our place is just so much nicer, it's solid brick, hardwood floors (that has a small place of laminate), pretty much done, a few small things would complete it. That place is going to be work from the get go, just to make it what we like AND on things that need done. But it also has 2 private acres with lake access, this place has 0.22 and is right on a main U.S. route, not to mention theh annoying (to me) neighbors (1 out of 4 anyways).

So...there is our "What to do now!" emotion.

It's just been a rollercoaster ride around here this week. We've requested another walk through and we're going ot take my Dad (if his isn't available) to walk through and see what he thinks too. He's got experience with this issue. And we'll go from there.....I guess. I'm really just kind of ready to walk away. Then again what if we walk away and find a perfect place in a few months, are we going to be able to sale our house then? Maybe to this lady or someone else? Some are going to wander why it was up for sale then off the market then back on again ya know? yeah, so........that explains my mood.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow, that's a lot of ups and downs, and some pretty hard decisions to make. Wishing you the best as you work through it all and I hope that everything works out the way that you want it to. Good luck!

The Pfennig's said...

Well, good luck! Why can't we just all have easy decisions? and maybe see into the future a little? haha

Jen said...

OH MAN!! I hate all the roller coaster emotions one goes through when buying and selling. It's awful! We just went through this all a few months back. We had offers, then get re-tracted, etc etc. I just couldn't about stand it anymore! GOOD LUCK!

it's me, Val said...

I am so sorry for the roller coaster. I know it's so hard. Emotions run high. It's such a marriage strengthener! When things start to fall into place, that is when you know you are making the right decisions. I wish it were easier for you, though. I know it's not easy.