Friday, June 6, 2008

Washington D.C. Day #2 (part 2)

When we left the zoo and got back on the metro we got off in downtown D.C. near the Washington Monument. We still hadn't had lunch and it was 2pm, it was too crowded at the zoo so we waited. Upon exiting the metro there is a little information booth nearby so I asked the attendant for the best place nearby to get something to eat. She referred us to the Old Post Office building that had a food court. It was about 2-3 blocks away, not a building we had planned to see but look what we would've missed had we not went there.

Jason & Rachel did a free tour of the tower where they went to the top and could see the whole city.

Then we walked to the Treasury Dept. Building, not intentionally it was just on the way to The White House ;0)

The White House

The Washington Monument

For those that don't know it's history if you notice it changes color so far up that is because it was begun before a war then production had to be halted during the war then completed later. Thus the stone color doesn't match.

The World War II Memorial, the reflecting pool, and the Lincoln Monument ~ where I met up with a internet friend & her family!!!

The Korean Memorial is to the left of the Lincoln Memorial. We saw it but didn't walk over to it. By then we were wore out that we skipped the Vietnam War Wall memorial, I had seen it before but, Jason hadn't and he was okay with skipping it.

Then to Georgetown University to the Metro stop back over to Arlington, VA where our hotel was then the two blocks back to our hotel. All in all I counted that part up and it was something like 30 blocks, not including the zoo portion of the trip that morning!!
The kids & I took a quick dip in the chilly 'heated' pool while Jason returned calls about the house. Then we grabbed a quick bite of dinner and went to bed, we all slept good! LOL!!!!


The Lees said...

Wow, great pics! I am wanting to do DC now and I don't like to travel AT ALL, but it looks so educational for the kids!

Jen said...

Again, what great fun! Someday, I'll got there. . . I HOPE! I never knew that bit of history about the monument and the color change. Cool story :)