Monday, June 30, 2008

Where in the World Is?

I don't have a blog on my blog roll that I love to read. And I know the blogger reads here and occasionally leaves me a comment. I checked her blog a few times a week, last post I saw was a Wordless Wednesday post by her showing off her new 'pink' hobby. Sometime in the last week her blog has went private. I'm not sure why but if you're reading this Amy Shipp of Our Fun, Funky LIfe fame I'd love to be allowed in to read...if you'd like to have me that is. Anyways, if you read this OR one of you who might be reading can still get in to her blog or a message to her another way can you have drop me a line of how to get my email to you. I miss reading your blog!


Jen said...

If you are talking about Amy Shipp from Our Fun Funky Life. I can totally email her and let you know you want to read :) Let me know if we are talking about the same person!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

You are so cute! I did go private. But I didn't have your email. Thanks to our friend Jen, I have it now!
I'll send you an invite. I hope you are having a fun 4th of July. Thanks for wanting to keep me as your bloggy friend :D