Monday, July 21, 2008


My new furniture? I couldn't find the sofa online this morning, I just KNEW something was wrong.

The salesman called to tell me they have been discontinued!!! WHAT?

Then he went on to say not a problem, we have yours, but only if you can take delivery sooner. We had originally planned to just have it all delivered to the new place so it'd be less for us to move, I mean this order is 2 couches, a queen bed, 2 storage cabinets....thing chest of drawers only taller/skinnier, AND a kitchen table with 4 chairs and a bench.

Oh well I arranged to have it delivered HERE to our current home this Friday. It will be in the way until we move but I'm going to have to rearrange where I've been storing boxes to put it there or at least some of it in that spot and we'll unwrap only enough to make sure it's ok then pack it back until moving day.

At least they do have it and I haven't lost mine, don't have to search high and low for something else I like as much and the price we got was excellent less then $400 for each couch. It's just going to be a little crowded here for a few weeks! :0)

And come moving day that will mean we have 4 couches (well 3 couches & a love seat) to move!! Well we don't but he does....with help from whom ever he's getting.


Zen said...

i just love the way u write first time reading ur post love to read more
love vikram

Jen said...

Oh my! That's good they still have what you ordered, but I'm not understanding why they have to deliver it sooner. Are they going outta business? I mean they did tell you a date and then changed it. What a pain! I'm glad you're still getting what you want though! YAY!

duchess said...

I'm glad you've still got your furniture. Whew. That would have been a pain.

Thanks for dropping by earlier. To answer your question about the inspection before we sell.....
The relo company actually buys the house from us & either closes with the buyers a couple of days later or leaves it on the market until it does sell. We only have to have it on the market 90 days.
It's really complicated but they still treat our house as any other buyer would.
Congrats on your closing date.