Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Appriaser is coming!!

Finally, he called to set up the appointment yesterday! So he will be here around 12:30 today, the house is clean, the yard is clean although it looks like a jungle as it was pouring again last night so hubby couldn't get the grass cut.
BUT the important thing is that he is coming, it should be in to the bank Monday then I can call our loan officer and see when we can close on the purchase!!

***I'd better get my behind moving on the packing!! I'm going to make a list later of things I need to get to pack (do you know how hard boxes are to come by, especially when it pores the rain everyday so the dumpster supplies are wet *GRIN*? And a list of what I still need to buy for the new house, paint, paint supplies, etc. Oh and the phone calls I've got to make, insurance, termite inspection here, etc.***

But it's getting closer!!

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