Sunday, July 20, 2008

Change again!

I liked that previous layout but it was kind of too busy for me. This one came from Leelou's too. Hmmm wonder if I'll feel that way if my new bedding has that pattern then? I don't think so because I'm not planning to have polka dots in the room too, just a pattern on the bed.

So the kids & I kind of looked at paint colors online the other day, just trying to get an idea and I jotted down numbers. I planned to use those numbers as the starting point in store. Lot of help that was, Jason & I went in Lowe's today after church and I didn't have my paper with me!

BUT I do think I've found the color for the master bedroom. And Justin narrowed his to two from the choices I brought home to him ~ he went with Gramps & Granny after church. And we found the color for the basement family room & school room area. Reminds me of Jamie's house ;0) LOL!! The paint color not the room!! Rachel has had her color picked for a while now. Avery picked one today too, I wasn't planning to paint his room just get some CARS wallpaper and such but Daddy told him we'd paint so add another room to the list! Let's see what else?
Oh the living room, it's going to be red again maybe a shade different but probably the same shade we currently have. It will look really nice with the new black & white furniture.

I'm ready to get on with this! I sure hope nothing delays our closing on the 31st.

I'm off to browse bedding choices again. Number 4 of the previous post is no longer an option I saw it in the store last night and it's more a tea stained linen color...think khaki and black and I'm going for black and white not black and white.


jenn said...

I wish I could do my whole house in black and white.

The Lees said...

Wow, this sounds like so much fun. I'm so happy for you. I'm on cloud nine just decorating my new office and girl you get to go and decorate a whole new house;-) Have FUN!!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I like your new layout! And picking paint colors for the new house sounds like fun - can't wait to see pictures once you're all moved in and done with it all! :)

The Lees said...

I like to borrow folks' backgrounds & use it with google's layout.. It's pretty easy. You should do a custom header... it's fun and I love seeing the kids;-)