Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Final Walk Through

We have our final walk through before closing on the new place tonight. Closing is scheduled for Thursday. It's supposed to be ours upon closing but due to some issues they were delayed closing on their purchase until yesterday and asked for some extra time. We were prepared to give them until Sunday @ midnight, they said they only need until Friday. So we will manage to get in there and do some work this weekend. We're still unsure of our moving date as we're not sure how long it will take to get the carpet installed once we get it ordered...which we
will do Friday since we can't get in the house to work anyways. Hopefully one day next
week, preferably early next week but I'm not to hopeful for that.

But it's getting closer and this place is getting sparser, I've got most everything that won't be needed for the next two weeks packed up and waiting to be taken over there. I'm thinking if
I am going to be over there painting and such next week during the day I will begin to pack
up some of the kids toys and we'll just take them over and leave them. Then they have something to do while I'm painting and such. ;0) I'll just have to pack up the things we're using until moving the last few days we're actually here I guess.

And I just had the termite inspection done here so we're all set for closing as soon as the
buyer gets back from vacation and we agree on a date. We don't have to be out of here until September 1st per our agreement but I hope we're not just moving then, I hope to be out

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