Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm curious if you homeschool.

If you homeschool I'm curious.

I ordered curriculum for our older two last week and it should be here in the next few days. I'm not real happy with this publishers lower grade stuff, I'm hoping Grade 3 is where they pick up the slack and I don't feel this way about dd's curriculum.

Anyways, knowing what I now know I will NOT put our youngest in their curriculum through his early years of school either. Technically he isn't school age yet, he is just 4 but I did teach him his ABC's and phonics this spring and he's excited to have schoolwork so I'll continue on that track this fall...but NOT with the publisher I bought the other two's work from.

So I'm curious, if you homeschool do you get all of your curriculum from ONE publisher or do you mix it up? WHO do you get your stuff from? What ages are you 'teaching'? What about your schedule is it a year-round thing or more of a traditional school system calendar? Share with me!!


jenn said...

I don't homeschool. I don't think I have the patience.

Btw, I made my blog private. If you wnat an invite, email me at elephantlady777@yahoo.com.

silvermine said...

We do not get everything from one publisher. We've tried a lot of things, all just in the past 6 months (and he's only 5!). I think I'm discovering we're unschoolers, at least for now.

We tried 100 easy lessons, now Blend Phonics. We tried Story of the World, which he likes the idea of but doesn't really like it. He loves Singapore math. We do random stuff for science. Mostly, the things that work best, are just getting books out of the library that he's interested in. Cartoons about egypt, Hardy Boys, Magic Treehouse -- and he learns stuff and has fun. For math we also play a lot of games like Bingo (reading 2-digit numbers), War (less than and greater than), dominoes war (add the dots on each side!) and stuff like that.

I think there's teaching for every age, but not like a teacher. With the baby, we read books, count eyes and noses, talk about colors, investigate bugs. She's learning a lot, but it certainly doesn't need a cirriculum!

We are year-round. That way if we want a week off, we can. If theres a pretty day, we go outside. If we want to spend 3 weeks dressing like egyptians, we do it. I think it's about a difference lifestyle -- learning as a part of life, so why stop living every summer? ;)

The Lees said...

OK, I'll try again... We get the free curriculum & books from the school & mix that with edhelper.com;-)

Pikes Pickles said...

Hey I was blog hopping and came across your blog. We homeschool . I have a just graduated Senior down to a preschooler. I have bounced around and have tried a bunch of different approaches. Looking back I wish I could have started with what I know now.
I would definitely purchase Oliver Demilles Book A Thomas Jefferson Education and read that first. I would also use the books by Hirsh What your ( Grade level) needs to know.
Every family is different. Every child is different. Find your family groove and your childs best learning style and then have fun.

And thanks for letting me come by - cute blog!

The Pfennig's said...

We just got most of our curriculum, but I'm using Abeka for English/Reading and History, and adding literature for history too. John is using ACE and Critical Thinking Company for Math and we bought a huge science kit that has an experiment for once a week. Its really neat. I will be getting the schedule that the area public school teachers will get and make sure we go over what they go over since she will probably have to test on that level. Of course, I plan to go above and beyond because its pretty easy. A good place to get extra stuff to go along with your curriculum is Rainbow Resource Co.

Jennifer said...

Okay, so tell me where the Science kit comes from? Justin would like that, even though his science will have experiments and such (1 per book)he'd gladly do more.