Sunday, July 13, 2008

Inspiriation HELP

So remember I posted my inspiration for my master bedroom post?

I'm moving forward with that. Due to TWO (yes two) light fixtures AND a ceiling fan in the master bedroom I couldn't get this

bed that I fell in love with upon first sight. So I got the next one in the collection that I loved. This is what one of the things we ordered yesterday:

Now the walls are going to be a gray or dark blue/slate gray color. To me it's a hard color to describe and as I haven't picked out the official shade yet I can't link you to it ;0) Then there will be black and white photos in the room, along with the matching storage chests (we decided against one large dresser and got two smaller ones).

So here's the big dilemma for me at the moment. They had the bedding ON the bed that I love most but can't seem to locate but they wanted $159 for a comforter and two shams and I refuse to pay that. I'm hunting around for my top choice, VOTE & help me decide!!

Something along these lines are my top choice. This one comes separately and the shams cost almost as much as the quilt!! Now I've got the money but I'm trying to stretch it as far as I can ya know? Choice #1:

I LOVE this one, it comes with 5 pieces for only $99! But I am not sure about the amount of black on it:

So here is Choice #3: It's less black, maybe a little less pattern.
And then this would be Choice #4.
So there you have it. You've seen my inspiration and I have described what I am looking for, kind of. Which do you like best of the four choices listed above?

Number 4 is no longer a choice. I'd read the reviews & one person said it was more of a champagne color then white. I actually found it in store last night and to me it was more like tea stained linen, or a light tan. Not what I'm looking for at all. I want black & white, simple, WHEN did plain ol' black & white become so difficult? LOL!!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Those are all so pretty! But I think that I like #2 or #4 the best. :)

Good luck - I love the bed!

jenn said...

I like the third one best, I think. Whatever you decide, they are all beautiful.

The Lees said...

I like the last one best, but if your kids are like mine, you'll need more of a pattern across the whole thing! I like #4 my second pick;-)

Haven't forgotten my meme!!! Let me get my husband off to work tomorrow and I'll post in the morning. Promise! Are there time limits to these things? I'm a bad bad blogger;-)

Julie said...

I think my fave is number 4 - all of them are beautiful though! :)
Oh and I love the bed you decided on!

Crystal said...

I LOVE number 4!! It's classy, clean, and beautiful! But on that bed, I'm sure anything you pick will look great!

Jen said...

I really like #4! It's really clean and pretty! :)

John said...

I've always wanted a canopy bed. Looks really nice.

Eric and Emily said...

I love #1, it is just gorgeous! Well they all are. Good luck picking one out it seems everyone that commented picked a different one. haha.