Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Photo MeMe

So Jen ( who I won't link to as she's private) did this meme on her blog & I thought I might play along. And then maybe again after we move into the new house to compare ;)
The only rule is: No cleaning allowed before you take pictures. Which also means no photo shopping things out after you take them, got it? I will probably tag a few but if you wish to play along and I don't tag you please feel free!!!

1. Dream Vacation. Actually I dream of going here:

Hawaii! It's one tropical place on earth that I dream of seeing but haven't actually seen.

2. Self portrait: Well I don't particularly like this self portrait I snapped this morning I don't have a more current photo that I could use so here goes: No make up, fresh out of the shower, hair not fixed blah.

3. What the kids are doing right now: Well this is what they were doing when I took the pictures anyways: Avery was playing cars ~ like usual.
Justin was on the DS (again AS usual!)

And Rachel was in her room:

4. Closet. I chose my half of the master bedroom closet. Closet space is one of the things we lack in this house. BUT there are lots of them in the new house!!

5. Favorite Room. This is a hard choice for me so I picked two. Two rooms that I hate to leave but it will be fun redoing the new house too and I'm pretty sure the red will be used again. AND I didn't clean but the red room is pretty bare because I've packed up most if not all the decor in there and as you can see it's where I am putting the things I have packed up. So first our formal living room: And the kitchen:

6. Favorite Shoes. It's all about comfort. I took Avery to do a toy survey last week so I could use the $35 I got paid to buy these. A pair of flip flops made by Crocs. I was NOT going to spend that out of our budget so I justified it that way LOL!
7. Laundry Room. OR more commonly the 'dog's room' It's always a mess & dirty as that is where he spends his time when he is in the house.

8. Bathroom. My least favorite room in this house. One because there is only ONE for the 5 of us to share, which gets testy sometimes. Two, it's blue & pink. Of which are NOT my style, I never could figure out what to do with it as long as it had a blue tub & commode and a blue/white marble like sink top. So I've done but paint it white instead of the pepto pink it was when we moved in. And as you can tell I didn't turn the light on when I took the picture so it's a little dark...that's okay it's ugly ;0)
9. Sink Our kitchen sink:

10. Fridge. What to say about the fridge? It needs cleaned ;)

So that is i. Want to play along? I'd like to tag my wanna be photographer friend Lori, c'mon Ms Lee ;0). Let's see maybe.... Jen and Deb might like to play? And anyone else who will play I guess!! If you play along be sure to let me know & I'll come check it out!!

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Jen said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you played along! I love your kitchen! It made me really sad for our house we sold. Your kitchen looks pretty similar to the one in our house. We had dark countertops and light maple cabinets and an island and black appliances. I MISS MY HOUSE! Anyways! I can't wait to see your new place. YAY!