Thursday, July 31, 2008


I feel so bad this morning. Our electric went off yesterday and when I went to bed last night I had to reset our clock. I wasn't aware until I got up this morning that it was wrong. I came though the house and realized it was at least 20 minutes slow, if not 30. So guess who was late for work? Yep, hubby. All because I don't have a brain and set the clock wrong when I went to bed!!! WHERE is my brain, seriously?

*I do stupid stuff like this ALL the time, you'd think he'd know to check behind me by now, right? For that matter twice in the last hour I've thought it was 30 minutes early then it actually is. I can NOT be late for closing this afternoon!*

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Jen said...

OH man! That stinks!! I've done that a time or two and now I've put the alarm clock on my hubby's side of the bed so it's HIS responsibility so I don't have to feel bad or guilty if he's the one that messes up. However, I often set my cell phone as a back up just in case!