Friday, August 22, 2008


That this place isn't coming along quicker then it is.

Our family room? Has 4-5 rows of hardwood laid. Hubby is laying it but where is he? Away on business, ugh. A whole 'nother feeling about that one.

So everything that goes in that room is sitting in the office area, along with all the office stuff. Driving me batty.

Justin's room is a disaster area, I've got to go out and get a box springs for his bed that would help BUT if he doesn't clean up the million little Lego's I'm not walking in there. *sigh* a pre-teen boy clean his room? *GASP!* ;0)

Then get this....our new kitchen table we bought & paid for mid-July was supposed to be delivered August 8th, then when they brought all the rest of our furniture a TWO WEEKS EARLY they said our kitchen table was back ordered until August 28th. Fine, we'll eat off a small folding card table till then...we're taking turns as it only seats 4. I called to check on it the other day, was going to just add a box springs to the order let them bring them both. NOW it won't be in until September 18th. GGRR Oh yeah, we won't be here then we're going to Disney World remember? Actually she said if that changed they'd call and let us know, but they hadn't called to tell us it was no longer coming in on the 28th had they? I guess I'll have to call them the week before we go and see if it's going to be in & can be delivered after we get home. I scheduled a Pampered Chef party here the week after we return, guess that might get moved as I can't host a party with no kitchen table!

Sorry just needed to vent a little. I'm supposed to take the kids to the pool today and I can't make myself want to get up and get moving. *sigh*


jenn said...

It's so hard when you have no control over things. Just remember, eventually, :), things will be just the way you want them!

duchess said...

Sorry you're having such a hard time. It is frustrating.
Our stuff was just brought in on Monday & I already want it DONE.

We're getting new living room furniture as well so I've got a conglomeration of stuff in there for now & it is very annoying.

Cheer up - this too shall pass.

The Lees said...

It'll get there.. and it will be great! Brrrreeeeatttttttthhhhhee.....

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Hang in there! It will be fabulous looking before you know it! I can't wait to see pictures of how it turns out.