Sunday, August 17, 2008

House Update

*Warning, it's long but you asked!!*

LOL so someone commented on the fact that I'm killing ya since I haven't posted anymore on the house. Am I busy you ask? Puh-lease!!

I have been all week, we had to have everything out of our other place and have it spotless by Thursday evening so it was ready for closing on the sale Friday. I didn't want to have to be back over there Friday morning doing last minute cleaning.

So I worked here all day most days unpacking, organizing, sorting, figuring out where things go and such Monday ~ Wednesday (along with spending about 5 hours Tuesday at the other house working on cleaning, packing up what was left, cleaning out what was to be donated etc.). When I got up Thursday morning I decided I was doing nothing at all until I had to meet hubby up at the 'old' place after work to complete our job.

I've got a lot unpacked but still have a lot to do. The kids rooms need some organizing shelves and such to put things away the way I'd like to. I wanted to paint Rachel's bed & dresser white to go with her bright neon green room. Justin's needs a box springs to complete his new bigger size bed (we gave him our queen mattress & we got a new one) so that then we can paint his dresser, put in some shelves for his TRANSFORMERS & Lego creations, some cabinets in the master bath would be nice ~ it only has a small medicine cabinet so no where to store extra shampoo & such. But I've pretty much decided I'm done for now. Well not done but everything can go at a slower pace because what we need for everyday life is out. Except our family room area & office/schoolroom, Jason began installing the hardwood in the family room a few hours ago so once that is done the office will be cleaned out as the family room stuff will be put into it's proper place.

And the weather is changing back to what we're used to for August tomorrow so the kids & I are going to my parent's for the pool! As we will Tuesday & Friday/Saturday. Hubby has a business trip this week Thursday ~ late Saturday. And we have 30 days until we're going on vacation!! YAY!!

Next post....Master Bedroom before & afters (well mid-way afters ;0) )

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