Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today is.....

Packing day.

I was at the new house yesterday from 9am-3:20pm with the carpet installers. I scrubbed the bathrooms (well the two upstairs) and the kitchen cabinets inside and out, then prepped the master bedroom to be painted but that was all I could do. I wasn't thinking I'd be there ALL day so I didn't take paint clothes and I ran out of painter's tape too so I couldn't have painted the whole room.

So today, I am going nowhere except through this house packing it all up! We have a U-Haul reserved for Sunday, not our first choice but the only choice, so I have to have everything packed up and ready to go.

I'm going to have to be there at least from 1-5pm tomorrow as hubby has the cable company coming to see if they will run lines to the house (it's never had cable before)more for internet then TV. I plan to paint the master bedroom then, and possibly load up my van with a load of boxes to get a start on the moving.

As of right now there is no internet over there, and options are limited. So I'll blog one more time before we move...hopefully, unless he just scheduled the turn off here for tomorrow ~ which he thinks he did GGRRR. Anyways, I'll be offline for I don't know how long!!!! EEEKKK!


duchess said...

Sounds like fun. (hehe)
I hope you do have a good time getting your new home the way you want it.
Share pictures when you can.

The Lees said...

Wow, lots of work and lots of payoff! I'm a bit jealous;-) But I am leaving this while I'm here at Snowshoe with the kids for a mini vacation (read hospital conference!) so I can't be tooooo jealous;-) Can't wait to get to see you this month. Maybe we can swing by the new house? BTW I justn noticed that I"m not on your Blogs I Read list.... does that mean I don't rate? Show some love girl;-)

the mom said...

I hope you're not offline for too long...I'll miss you!

Have fun moving. As you know, I just did it and it is not fun!

Jennifer said...

Lori ~ minivacation my foot!! I need one but sans the kids LOL!!
I'm jealous, we've discussed going to see Snowshoe at some point, alone maybe for a night or two.

I was lazy & slow updating the blog list, it's done now ;)

And swing by as long as you don't pay mind to the shape it's in. We need to work on that other plan we'd emailed about for next week or two too.