Thursday, September 11, 2008

Missing!!! and Found!

Oh no!!!

We are T-minus 38 hours (or less) until we leave on vacation and I can't find my digital camera's battery charger!! ACK!!

I remember where it was before we moved and I remember thinking I'm going to 1.)Leave it here or 2. )Put it here so I'll know where to find it.

Obviously I did 1 or 2 but I can't remember which!!!

I really think I've had it since we moved but if I did I don't know where I put it after using it.

*** I found it!! Yay, now it's all charged up for our trip!!***

I'm in the midst of doing laundry and will now begin tearing everything that is put away apart and unpacking everything that is still packed in an attempt to find it!!!

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