Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip Report ~ Monday, Sept. 15 Part 2

Part 2 ~~ Epcot continued

Once we went through there we went on to ride Soarin' the only wait was as long as it took us to walk through the long waiting area. They have those things set up for when they are at their busiest and usually just block some of the lines off to make it shorter, this one was just a long walk in. Avery got a little scared on this. It's not scary at all but it's dark and I think that freaked him out more then anything. Not knowing what was going to happen, not being able to see what was happening, but once he started watching it he loved it. For those who don't know Soarin is a row of seats that take up up in front of a big IMAX like screen and you "fly" over California. Orange groves, skiers way up in the mountains, DisneyLand, Whitewater rafters, etc. And you experience the smells of the water with pines all around, the orange groves etc. And let me tell you I've seen the California Coast (thanks Jamie!!) and it's beautiful and some of the coastal shots in this made me want to see it in person again. Avery did like the part where the Air Force planes fly by though but he was a little leery still. So we took him to ride the boat tour through the Land after that to tone it down a bit. It's just a big boat ride that you ride through see how farmers grow things, how the environment is different in the rain forest, on farms, Iraq, etc. Then you go through a green house there where Disney is trying all different ways to grow different fruits & veggies, even fish & shrimp that they actually use there in the restaurants. Then we had lunch at Seasons. Yummy roasted chicken & potatoes for Jason & I, same for Avery, and mac n cheese for Rachel.

Then we left there hit The Seas, rode the Nemo ride which opened like two weeks after we left last time. It was such a neat little ride and right up Avery's alley!! So after getting off there we explored The Seas, including the fish tanks, Bruce the shark, the tanks with Manatees, dolphins, saltwater fish upstairs. And of course, we couldn't leave without doing Turtle Talk with Crush!! Once we did all that we had to go right back in to ride the Nemo ride again!! They really loved this thing!

It came time for our fastpasses for Test Track so we went and rode that, Avery liking cars liked most of that. He said he didn't like the "fast" part LOL! I guess where you "shoot' outside going 60mph around all those curves and such. We rode Figment after that with Avery insisting he didn't want to, I tell you it's this 'dark' concept with him as he continued that all week long! I think that comes from his older siblings waiting in dark hallways and jumping out to scare him like it's funny. I've put a stop to that, Justin was getting horrible about it. So once we came out of there we headed for The World Showcase.

The World Showcase allows you to get a 'glimpse' of different countries around the world. We began with Canada where Avery had a 'minimeltdown' on a bench over a bottle of water. Of which Jason was waiting in line to get but obviously not quick enough for Avery LOL!! Then we walked into a store across the way where we met Mary Poppins and Alice from Wonderland last trip, the store was crowded with a line but no characters! So we left, listened to the music outside (by the fake Beatles ~ don't shoot me I can't remember their name!) after all by this time we'd wandered on down to the United Kingdom!

So on we pushed them, this is where got the shots of the "Eiffel Tower' in France, that was the next country. Again we looked for characters as we'd seen some there last time but again we saw none. I did walk through some of the stores while Jason & Avery rested on a bench but I didn't really see anything I wanted so I kept on walking.

Morocco, this is where quite a few of the pictures I took came from. My goal this time was to come away with some shots we could use to decorate the house with. In black and white perhaps? Which ones do you like? After I walked through the shops and around the building taking shots we saw Jasmine but as Rachel and I got in line to meet her they closed the line, just in front of us as it was break time for her. Instead of stand around waiting we just walked on to the next country.

Japan. The candy lady comes out at 3:30pm it was like 2:45 when we headed in, we went through the stores, buying a fan for my mom while there and just exploring. I think I took 3 photos total in Japan. And it was still ten minutes until the candy lady was due to come out and begin, it was hot and the kids wanted to go on so we did.

To United States! We stopped here to grab 'dinner' We shared a basket of french fries & chicken bites in the air conditioning while we listened to Rachel whine about ice cream. Finally she gave in ate some dinner so she could have said ice cream at the next place we found that had it. No characters here, nor drum & fife corp today.

Italy, wow some pretty architecture here! I thought for sure I'd find some jewelry here. That was what I thought I'd come home with this time if not decor for the house. But nope, nothing.

Germany we kind of just walked past, taking a few pictures along the way. I didn't even attempt to go in any of the shops, other then one small one with Christmas stuff in the window. I decided I didn't want to carry it through the park and I knew there is a big Christmas shoppe in Downtown Disney so I just walked on. Mainly we were using the shops to cool the kids off ;0)

China I pulled out the map to see where the characters were supposed to be in The World Showcase since it seemed we hadn't seen any. And discovered we were standing in front of the Character meet n greet spot, turned around and there was Mulan!! So we got in line to meet her.

Norway, Jason wanted to try the Maelstrom ride, having done my research I knew it would be too intense for Avery so we walked into a shop. There sat a cast member at a KidSpot table with no one so she gave Avery a mask to color while we waited. I wish we had gotten this at our first stop in Canada, it's a cute mask and in each place you stop they add a different symbol to it and a stamp, like a passport showing where you've been. Oh well. I was right the ride would've scared Avery according to Rachel and Jason. Nothing scares her ;0)

Mexico was next and as we neared it I looked down this pathway and there stood Donald Duck with only 2 kids waiting to meet him so we hopped in that line, Rachel wanted to meet him and Daisy this time so this was a good time for him at least! Then we walked inside and rode that boat ride too. Got cooled off really well before going back out into the heat and back into Future World.

We did Nemo, Test Track, Spaceship Earth, (I think that is all) again before leaving the park. We went back to the hotel, got our room number and went to settle in. By this time it was like 7:45pm, we'd yet to unpack the van so Jason did that while I bathed the kids and put them in bed. We wanted to get to Disney Hollywood Studios early the next morning so we could be sure to get on the new Toy Story Midway Mania attraction at least once!

Stay tuned!


jenn said...

Wow. You guys sure were busy!

Stacy said...

Did you take notes your whole trip? I would never remember all that. I couldn't tel you 3 sentences about our vacation last week except...I'm tired! HA

Jennifer said...

Not really notes. But I do have our maps that we used each day so I can look back and those & the order of our photos I can pretty much remember where we were then.
Not saying some things might not be out of order though LOL!!

What vacation? You were still cooking 3 meals a day and all that normal "home" stuff according to your blog! ;)

And Jenn~ this was just our FIRST day there!!