Friday, September 26, 2008

Trip Report!!! Well Part 1!

I'll break this up some, and it's posted on photo site below too, in pieces I'm still finishing it up!!

We pulled out of our driveway around 5:30am Saturday morning. And managed to park at New Smyrna Beach, Florida right at 5:50pm that evening. Not too bad, actually! We hit traffic NO WHERE. We almost always get slowed won around Lake Norman, NC and Jacksonville, FL but not this time. Only slow downs we had were stopping to eat, potty, and gas up, four times.

The beach was beautiful that evening. The water was a little red looking and after checking the board by the lifeguards station I saw that rip currents were very active so that accounted for the coloring of the water close to shore. We let the kids play in the sand for a little while before putting them back in the van and heading to the house. We went in long enough turn the air on then head back out for dinner somewhere, just something quick and we needed to pick up some bottled water to drink too.

Bed time came early that night so we could hit the beach the next morning. Besides there was no cable TV this time so the kids were kind of bouncing off the walls. I hadn't thought well enough ahead to pack toys to occupy them.

Sunday morning we were on the beach by 9:15am, it was a beautiful morning and we could already feel the heat of the day coming on. We stayed for a few hours, went back to the house cleaned up, changed clothes and headed to my favorite place for lunch. SONIC! Then we decided to drive on up to Daytona and check out the race track. We knew there was museum and track tours there but weren't sure how much it cost to do it or if we wanted to pay that. Avery is all about cars, especially race cars so we knew he'd love it. Ouch $75 to get in for all of us. We ended up doing a Timeshare tour of a resort on Daytona Beach and getting into Daytona Track free.

1. The track tour was interesting, really neat to see how big it is and Victory Lane and all.
2. Even though those timeshare people say we're all about no pressure, they put on the pressure. But we knew we weren't buying in and we kept to that. So we walked away with our tickets for the day free and a 3 night/2 day stay at any of their properties. We plan on using that at Williamsburg, VA next year, late spring or early summer.

Then we finished the museum tour, Jason & Avery rode in a car "game" where you raced against other drivers. It's part of a car that you sit in and the track is on a big screen in front of you. You should've heard that kid yelling directions as Jason drove he absolutely LOVED that! We grabbed dinner then back to the house for a early bed time, the heat of the day wore the kids out and we wanted to be on the road by 7-7:30am towards Orlando area and Walt Disney World!

So the first few photos you see are from the beach on Saturday evening. Then Daytona 500 Experiences on Sunday.

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The Lees said...

Oh neat! I didn't realize you were making these stops. Very cool.... You'll have to fill me in on the timeshare dealio:-)