Monday, October 20, 2008

Award Time!

I've been blessed with an award!

Here is how the Brilliant Weblog Award works . . .The person giving the award chooses blogs that they consider brilliant in their content or design. In return, the recipient is expected to choose a minimum of seven blogs that they like. They leave comments on these blogs to notify the winners. They then post about receiving the award on their blog (like this) and list their choices with links. They also include a mention of whom they received the award and include a link.

I received this award from Jenn THANKS JENN!! Sorry it took me so long to get it posted!

Now to pass it along. Hmm I thought about it for a few days and couldn't really decide on specific people to share with. Each of you are brilliant to me for one reason or another ;) So if you're reading TAKE IT IT'S YOURS and make sure to let me know you've accepted it so I can come check you out ~ if I don't already LOL!

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