Thursday, October 23, 2008

Betty Crocker, I'm Not

Or at least I've never claimed to be.
I'm pretty sure it is the weather change that is affecting me this week but I've been cooking more then usual. Well I should say making an effort for better meals and desserts.

You saw the picture of the yummy pumpkin fudge right? Well if not, scroll down ;) It's there along with the recipe. I made two batches of that this weekend.

Yesterday I spent the day at my parent's new (old) house cleaning, scrubbing walls, shelves, hardwood floors to help her get prepared for the move next weekend. When I got home at 3pm I decided we needed a 'comfort food' dinner. So I put 1/4 of a ham in the oven to bake, whipped up some homemade rolls to raise, then threw together a baked potato casserole, some devilled eggs, and buttered corn. Man was it yummy at 5:30!!

Today I had a craving for Olive Garden. Particularly their Chicken Scampi, it's grilled chicken with roasted peppers & onions tossed with pasta in a creamy garlic butter sauce. We're meeting friends at Red Lobster on Saturday and I don't like seafood so I had threatened to go next door to get my chicken scampi then return to dine with them. Anyways, I thought wonder if I can copy that here at home? Guess what? I tried!

I cooked up some whole wheat spaghetti noodles.
While those were cooking I melted some, a small amount of milk, with some fresh garlic and chopped onions and let it cook together a few minutes, adding a little cornstarch to thicken it just a smidgen.
I drained the pasta poured the butter mixture on it, then sauteed some grilled chicken piece I had in my freezer in that butter pan, tossed it in the pasta and tossed it all together.
It was close, I didn't have the peppers for their flavor and honestly I usually pick most of those out anyways. But it was close and so yummy!!

Next on my plan to bake (probably this weekend) is a Peanut Butter Brownie Torte.

So are you cooking more now that the weather is changing? And I mean changing, last week we had 80's, this week we've had 60's, Monday & Tuesday our highs are predicted to be 40's lows at night in the 20's!!! BBRR!

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The Pfennig's said...

Sounds good! We had an Olive Garden craving the other night.. so I made Manicotti, italian salad and bread sticks. Its hasnt cooled off here that much yet, but I'm starting to get in the mood of cooking. I'm ready for chili and cornbread, tortilla soup and ham/turkey!