Saturday, October 4, 2008

College Football makes my day cruddy!

Once again this year I'm reminded of this post from last year.

Today was game day, now I know he works hard all week and deserves to watch a game when he wants to but let me tell you what I did today.

  • Got up at 4am to shush the barking dog outside
  • " 4:30am "
  • " 5am "
  • Do you see the pattern here? I was pretty much awake from 4am-6am when he finally shushed enough for me to go back to sleep!!
  • Then send the oldest back downstairs @ 7:45 am, AFTER he'd stomped up them, to watch TV hoping the other two would sleep late.
  • Snuggled on the couch with Avery from 8am-9am so Rachel wouldn't get woke up, trying to keep him quiet, wasn't working too well.
  • Went to Home Depot to get two more cabinet handles to finish that 'redo' in the kitchen.
  • Went to the Post Office to pick up stamps so the mail-in rebates for our Internet & satellite could be mailed off.
  • Went to Wal-Mart for enough groceries to last us two weeks, and some household things we needed (like a toilet brush ~ now who do you think gets to use that?)
  • Grabbed chicken out of the deli so I could get lunch home quicker then stopping somewhere else. Planning to have him take us out for dinner instead.
  • Carried ALL the stuff I'd bought up the steps outside into the house then made the kids help carry it up (or down ) the steps in the house.
  • Fixed each kid a plate of fried chicken & strawberries for lunch while putting away all those groceries & household stuff.
  • Finally sat down to eat my own lunch.
  • Cleaned up the kitchen, dirty dishes etc.
  • Cleaned the bathroom
  • Vacuumed out the van & cleaned the inside of the windows (this was actually after the game went off.)

All while he got to watch the game, game news, etc. I will give credit where credit is due. He did burn the pile of old carpet we tore out of here the beginning of August. Worked on his sister's laptop all afternoon on & off while watching the game. And threw his fishing line in the lake a few times. I also swept off the bottom porch of all the sawdust that was left from our hardwood floor remodel and the front walkways trying to keep some of that out of my van tomorrow.

Oh then we came back from our walk to the lake where he watched the updates on ESPN while I fixed the kids dinner....because I didn't want to drive out and pick us all up something. I wanted him to take us out but the kids were muddy and wound up, so no dinner out for me! Then cleaned up the kitchen again. I hopped online for a few, did a few things here on the blog and now am sending the kids to bed...where is he? Playing the Wii in the basement family room.

I hate college football season.


Jen said...

LOL! I mean, I'm sorry! What a LONG day for you! Go join him! Go play the Wii! It's a blast. . . well, that depends on what game he's playing. lol. Whatcha need to do is watch football with him (like you have the time)! It really is fun to watch! :)

jenn said...

My hubby doesn't watch football, but I still do everything around the house. I feel your pain! lol!