Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm so frustrated right now.
We had family photos done, 3 weeks ago tomorrow, outside with the fall leaves as a background. We used a local photographer who did our friends wedding photos, our kids sports photos (when they were in school), and actually our last set of family photos (2 yrs ago). I really enjoy getting together with her and seeing the results.

This time instead of ordering prints she agreed to put them all on a CD for us for a set amount. I previewed them that day and she said she'd get them out that week.

Last week I still hadn't received them or heard from her so I shot her an email. It took a few days but when she replied she said she'd get them out to me in the next few days (which I took to mean Friday/Saturday).

I still have NOT received them.

I sent her another email yesterday, asking her to let me know when she's sent them out. I know she was busy as she had two shoots the day before and another scheduled that afternoon. But, when you tell me they will be out quickly and I still don't have them three weeks later that irks me. Oh and you've had payment since the day of and I know that check cleared the bank over a week ago. Jason said I shouldn't have paid her....obviously I see that now too but we've never had any problems with her.

I gave her a recommendation a day or two after we had our shoot, now I wonder if I should have since she has a problem getting my CD to me. It's just putting pictures onto a CD ~ well she was going to fix a few things but still it's just a CD! Last time we ordered prints & it didn't take 3 weeks from the appointment to the day of delivery.

So, I am frustrated....I think I have good reason to be don't you?

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Jen said...

TOTALLY have good reason to be frustrated! I'm SO SORRY and hope you get them soon!

The photographer we usually use isn't returning our calls. Apparently, she's just so AWESOME, she doesn't need our business (or recommendations anymore!). She did an excellent job that least 3 years, but now I'm annoyed. EXTREMELY annoyed. I gotta find someone else and fast. I want my Christmas cards finished! :)