Saturday, October 25, 2008

HELP!! Makeover time!

I'm sure you've noticed that I've changed my layout again. I love this, might stick with it until I find something pretty in time for Christmas ;) but, I don't really like my name spot up there.

No matter what color I put the name in you can't see it too well, not even in the set color on the layout format. Can you see it that well? Honestly?

I may have to play around with it some more or.............get some help making a custom made header with some of our new pictures...of which I have more to share later.

And that went from A "Sample" of Jennifer's Thoughts to just Jennifer's Thoughts because it fit in most layouts better. But I'm not quite happy with that either. Any suggestions?
I think I need a blog makeover!!

OH ps...the layout came from leelou blogs, I love her work and her link is in my sidebar if you want to check her out!


kitchentablechat said...

I like your layout as well Jennifer.
I do know of a place that you can get adorable free backgrounds for blogger. If I was still with Blogger this is where I would get my backgrounds.

Jen said...

Cutest Blogs on the Block has really cute stuff too like your friend said. She even has headers you can customize to match her stuff or whatever. I make headers once in awhile (used to do it more). So, if you get your pictures and have an idea on what you want, I could make it match this background or whatever :)