Thursday, October 16, 2008


Do you like to shop for clothes for yourself?

Every time this year, well maybe I should say every time the season changes I get in teh mood to shop fo rsome new clothes. Now mind you I almost never get any but I get in that mood. I think the last clothing item I bought for myself was a pair of jeans while in California this time last year. Oh wait I'm wrong I did buy one pair of blue jean shorts earlier this summer ~ after my favorite pair were worn through with holes in the rear.

Anyways, I got an email from Coldwater Creek ~ up to 60% off~ with a coupon for another 25% off. Now I love their stuff but won't pay those prices. But I just fell in love with this
Whatch'a think? I love it but I keep thinking I can't spend $70 even if it was originally $180...can I?

I'm so used to Wal-Mart & Target prices LOL!!
I like this skirt too:
Where is my income when I need it? ;)


jenn said...

I love that skirt! I could never wear something so long and flowy...I'm too short and round! lol!

kitchentablechat said...

Oh Jennifer, I love it. And you have the height for that skirt. Go for it Jennifer. Do something special for yourself. Is $70 for both the jacket and the shirt? If so, that is not to bad. I think it would even look cute paired with the skirt.