Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trip Report ~ Day 2 ~ September 16

Disney Hollywood Studios!

The FIRST thing I wanted to go to was Toy Story for this thing and boy do I believe it!! We got to the park 30 minutes after opening (9am) and headed straight there, stopping for nothing. Wait time was listed as 20 minutes, so I parked the stroller while Jason grabbed a fastpass for later then we got in line. It really wasn't a long wait and you have fun while waiting, it's all inside for one thing. But it's so neat, CandyLand, Scrabble, Tinkertoys, Chutes & Ladders they are all in there along with some others to keep you 'occupied' along with the singing Mr Potato Head up near the front of the line. Anyways, we LOVED this ride!! It's a 4 D Midway Carnival style games where you shoot different targets and such.

Once we came out of there we saw Buzz & Woody across the way just beginning their character meet & greet and a line a mile long. I'm sure all those who'd been coming off the game were just getting in this line, we decided to check it again later. Which worked out so well!!

We walked on to where Lightning & Mater have their meet & greet but we were really early. So we hopped on the Studio Backlot Tour to 'wait'. We hadn't done this last time and it was kind of neat to see where all their costumes are made, sets are made, etc.

Then when we came off that we went and got in line to see Sulley from Monsters Inc. This was Rachel's first Disney/Pixar movie when she was like 18 months old and she still loves him & Mike. But Mike didn't come out to meet & greet while we were there.

We headed back to the Lightning & Mater spot. Well there was a huge line but Avery got up close & in front of them in front in a different spot so we could at least get pictures. Although looking at them the one with Avery actually in it must not have turned out so it's just them. Now, I would've stood in line with him had he wanted but Lightning kept revving his motor and it was kind of loud so I think that is why he didn't want to get any closer. Oh well we got a good shot that I'm going to have printed out to hang in his room.

By this time it was close to 11am so we went in search of something to eat. Lunch comes early when you don't eat breakfast! We ended up at Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade where we lunched on of course pizza & salad! Well Rachel & I had salad, the boys had chips & cookies. We wanted to do the Muppet Vision 3D attraction next then realized we needed to go do our fastpass on Toy Story Mania or we were going to loose them. I'm glad we went back then because the wait in line time was 60 minutes when we walked in with the fastpass. When we came out it was up to 80 minutes, we stood in line to see Buzz & Woody then. Avery insisted we had to have a family picture done with them.

Once we did that we went back over to grab a fast pass for Star Tours, then went to the Muppet Vision 3D attraction and then Star Tours. It didn't really have a long stand by line but it was nice to skip over half of those waiting to get our turn, that's always nice with little kids.

We left there, walked back to where the kids had met Sulley to see if Mike was there but because it was close to time for the big Pixar Block Party Bash it was closed, as the characters prepared for the BPB. So we kept on walking.

We decided to do The Great American Movie Ride, I was surprised that we did actually have to wait a little while on this one. Maybe because it's so close to where the parade runs and people were doing it then lining up? I don't know. It still wasn't bad, no more then 10 minutes and it was inside and it was HOT & HUMID outside so it was a nice place to wait.

The Magic of Disney Animation was next. We waited a few minutes there, not long before being sent inside. You go in watch a cast member do a little thing about how characters can change alot from beginning to actual movie, how they come up with ideas and all that. Then you walk through some animation offices and 'sometimes' meet some characters. Well we met The Incredibles (both in 2006 & this time) there, just Mr & Mrs, then Sorcerer Mickey, and the kids found the cardboard Wall-E which really excited them. There are some other fun things to do inside here too, like a drawing class (of which we didn't do), games to play with sounds & colors etc.

I kept wanting to take Avery to the Playhouse Disney~Live on Stage show, Rachel wasn't interested although she would've liked it. But every time it neared show time we were doing something else, and the line would be a mile long before I got back over there. In the heat & such I just didn't fool with waiting, that is a popular attraction, I think because it's one of the things the smaller kids can do here in this park and really enjoy.

Jason & Rachel decided to brave Tower of Terror this time!! They walked up to there while Avery & I meandered through the stores along that street. When they came back she said it was scary to her, but she loves that stuff! They walked right on with no waiting at all, then came back to find me & Avery.

We decided we'd done all we wanted to and went to the bus stop. This was the WORST bus experience we had all week. There was one family of 4 in front of us in line, then the line filled up as we waited, 10 minutes, watching EVERY other resort get a bus (or two)then another 10 minutes while those resorts had another bus (or TWO) come and go and NONE had arrived for POP Century. I kid you not we waited something like 38 minutes for our bus at 3 something in the afternoon, not at park closing. I think everyone was a little tired of waiting for this bus not just our family.

Prior to leaving we'd thought we'd stick around and do Fantasmic but we just decided to not do it this time, and after waiting for the bus that afternoon weren't about to go back just for that later. So we went back to the hotel, cooled off a few minutes and hit the pool for a half hour or so. Then went to Downtown Disney to do some shopping!!

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