Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trip Report ~ Sept 19th 2008 ~ Our last day!!

Our last day *sad* lol!!

Today is the meal that we've all been looking forward to all week. The only place that we ate at in 2006 that was requested to revisit this year. Chef Mickey's!!! Only thing? It was all booked up by the time we decided we were going this year. So I began my research, calling Disney dining a few times, and best of all~ my online posting. I belong to a Disney forum & a post on there runs for cancelled or give away reservations. I posted looking for Chef Mickey's and after a little tweaking of my plans got it, for breakfast our last morning!! This would've cost us $86 for breakfast had we had to pay out of pocket, I don't know that I could pay that much for it if I had to but it would probably be one of the places that I would seriously consider it. Not just for the breakfast food but the experience itself, it's awesome.

Okay so breakfast 8:30-9:30is then we're off to the Magic Kingdom for our last day. We'd decided this was the park we wanted to revisit and do some of our favorite things again. Favorites that we hit again this morning? Buzz Lightyear, Transit Line, Rachel & I rode the AstroObiter for the first time that was fun! then on to Pooh, the merry go round, Philharmagic, Peter Pan, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Avery & I rode the carpet ride 3 times while Jason & Rachel rode splash mountain, um Dumbo, and I'm sure some more but I can't remember what. I stopped for one more Dole Whip Float then we were out of the park by 1pm to head home *whine*

At some point this day (unless it was earlier in the week) Rachel began asking if we can return in 2010 since we were there in 2006, and 2008. Hmm we just might ;0) I'll have to start saving that $1300 now LOL!!

Anyways we hopped the bus, hit the food court to cash in our last 8 snack coupons for food to take with us on the ride home and loaded up into the van. I called my mom from somewhere in Orlando at 1:30pm, alot earlier then what we'd planned to be on the road to tell her we'd be home late that night/early the next morning we weren't stopping anywhere overnight. We got home around 1:45am Saturday morning.

We had a blast and already we're ready to go back ~ man this place can be addictive! LOL!


Jen said...

How fun! I sure hope I get to go next month! I really really want to go! May not end up having the money for it though. The flight's are NOT cheap out there :(

Julie said...

Have I said I am jealous of your trip?! It sounds like you had so much fun! :)

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Wow! What fun!!