Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Trip Report ~ Thursday, September 18th, Animal Kingdom!

I'm sorry if ya'll are getting bored with this, only this one and one more short one to go and I'm done. I'm doing it more for my memory then anything else ;o) I'm already having problems remembering what we did when sometimes!!

Animal Kingdom!!

Coming into the park, again close to opening, it looks like this place is going to be crowded today, I surely hoped not!

We headed straight to the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. We loved this last time and again this time. I do think we saw more animals last time but c'mon this is still neat to see:

A baby giraffe, not 5 feet away from where I was sitting in the jeep. Once we get off this ride we get fastpass to come back and ride it again later without having to stand in line, even though the line wasn't too long right now ya never know.

One character I said I wanted to see this time was Baloo from Jungle Book, we never saw him last time. Well on our way to ride the safari I'd seen him @ his character greeting spot. So I insisted we walk right back there as soon as we got off. And there he was along with King Louie!! And we met a cast member from WV while standing in line, of course wearing our WV Mountaineer t-shirts (at least the boys were) it was game day afterall!!

Then it's off to the Kali River Rapids. I said over and over that I don't want to get wet, at least not soaked. And who do you think got soaked? Me, well just from my waist down. The jean shorts I had on were a little big and so they continued to hang low and bug me until they dried hours later! Anyways, Rachel, Jason, and Avery did finally get a little wet but not like me. Oh well, it was fun and hot outside!!

We walked to the Mahajarah Jungle trek after this to see the tigers and such. The tigers are beautiful and magnificent. The bat house? Not so much. If you don't know I have a HUGE fear of snakes and I know there are some in the bat house although they try to tell me there aren't I refuse to walk in there. I just see the bats from the pictures thank you very much.

After that we went back the safari ride, then to Camp Minnie Mickey where the characters hang out. While there we met Daisy and Mickey. Minnie, Goofy, and Donald were in their huts too but we didn't stand in line to meet them. We met them last time at Animal Kingdom and other places on this trip.

Jason wanted to go do the It's Tough to be a Bug show so we went there next. Where Rachel proceeded to have a major meltdown. I was so tired of her acting like that, ugh it wasn't pretty. So we get through the show and when we come out we see this almost hidden trail to meet characters on our way over to DinoLand USA. So we head down the trail and meet Tigger, Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore! More characters we've never seen before!! And not much of a line at all!!

We head to DinoLand, stopping for a frozen lemonade (which is what caused the major meltdown earlier) the minute we see a frozen stand. As we enter dinoLand we part ways. Jason & Rachel go on to ride Dinosaur! while Avery and I head Tricera Top Spin, where I meet more WVU Mountaineer fans then we walked back to get Jason & Rachel to come ride it again! Another of those rides that Avery just love, simple little round & round rides but the rider can control how high or low you "fly" Avery loves to go as high as he can LOL!!

By this time we're hungry (as we should be it's like 3pm or something)so we go back over (how many times have we crossed this park today?)to Discovery Island, stopping to take a few pictures of the "tree" to Pizzafari, we'd read their menu while walking past earlier and it sounded good. I had a hot Italian sandwich or something like that, the others had pizza, pb&j. We had gotten fastpass for the rapid ride last time we'd passed it so Jason & Rachel went to do that while Avery and I roamed the stores nearby waiting for them to come back.

There is a parade here at 4pm and they were already blocking off some paths for that. I was beginning to think they were going to get stuck behind those lines but just in time here they came. This was it for us, the park closes at 5pm anyways and it was getting dark like rain again. So we time to get soaked in the rain on the way to the bus! Oh well, no waiting at all it was sitting there so we hopped on and went back to the resort.

We had dinner in the resort later, then walked the grounds to see all the different things around there. And I'd packed up everything we wouldn't need Friday morning (we were checking out) and Saturday ~ we'd planned to drive so far Friday night & stop somewhere so we loaded all that in the van. We had 8:30am reservations at Chef Mickey's for breakfast Friday morning so we wanted to save time then.

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