Monday, October 6, 2008

Trip Report ~ Wednesday Sept. 17, 2008

Magic Kingdom!
We decided to eat breakfast at the hotel before going to the park for the day, it was really good actually. Jason had a breakfast platter with eggs, potatoes, biscuit, sausage, and bacon. Rachel had eggs, bacon, and applesauce. I had a bacon, egg, cheese croissant and Avery ate off of all of ours, there was plenty to share. We got to the park not to late though, just about 15-20 minutes after opening.
We walked up Main Street and took the path around the castle straight to Dumbo. We waited about 10 minutes but not to bad for Dumbo! Then we rode Snow White, Pooh Bear, got a fastpass for Peter Pan, went back to Philharmagic (I LOVE THIS), the carousel, Peter Pan, It's A Small World After All and headed out of FantasyLand by 10:30am!
We decided to go do Buzz Lightyear ( I think we ended up on this 3 times that day, maybe only twice), stopping to meet Stitch there, TomorrowLand Speedway, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, then back through FantasyLand to Liberty Square for The Haunted Mansion. So far we've waited no where longer then the wait at Dumbo first thing this morning, great!
After the Haunted Mansion we walk into The Country Bear Jamboree, when we come out Woody's roundup in dancing up the street towards Frontier Land, I grabbed the stroller and we head that way for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, after Jason grabbed two fastpass for Rachel & I to go back and ride Splash Mountain afterwards. Avery is too small for SM and was a little scared on BTMR so those two together would've not been good for him anyways. She was so disappointed we barely got wet on Splash Mountain!
Avery's been begging to ride the carpets again, just a little ride in Adventureland so we head there next but on our way we stop to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Jungle Cruise. Then he gets to do his Magic Carpet of Aladdin ride, then we stop in the Enchanted Tiki Room.
Next stop? I want a Dole Whip Float!! So I grabbed that at Aloha Isle. It's so yummy, pineapple soft serve ice cream with pineapple juice.
We cross in front of the castle around 2:30 as they are beginning to do games and such with people lining up for the parade, of which we never line up for. We'd rather ride rides while others are sitting watching the parade or shows. So we go back to TomorrowLand. This time we want to see the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor ~ we'd saved it for later when it was hot since it was an inside wait. That was cute, it's new since we were there last too. Then back on Buzz, another of Avery's favorites. The Carousel of Progress, Transit Authority (yes again), then back into FantasyLand.
This time we stop at The Mad Tea Party (tea cup ride) on our way through. Then back to Mickey's toontown fair. Rachel & Jason ride Goofy's Barnstormer while Avery and I walk through a store, it is sprinkling a few drops and getting dark as they come off and we come out. So we decide to hop on the Railroad around the park and ride back over to Frontierland for one more ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, THIS is Rachel's favorite ride if you can't tell. She loves the roller coasters! Jason checked the radar and all the rain is past us or all around where we are but not on us supposedly but I wasn't too sure.
It's just after 5pm and we'd decided to go get fish for dinner at Columbia Harbor House, never thinking they'd be closed at 5pm!! WHY when it's free dining and everywhere is crowded? Oh well, around the corner to Pinocchio village Haus.
After dinner, it's after 6pm, closer to 7pm so we stop at a few things on the way out, can't remember what exactly and head out to Main Street, which is already getting crowded for the people just waiting for Wishes (fireworks) at 8pm. We skip that and go straight to the bus stop and walk onto a bus just sitting there waiting, better then the night before!

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Jen said...

WOW! I'm honestly amazed at all you got done in 1 single day! We really did go at a bad time! I think my hubby'd like Disney better if it was more like your trip. I can't even imagine being able to do all those rides. That'd be so cool!

I'm thinking about going solo to Florida in November and heading to Disney with my SIL w/out kids. You know if this is a good time? I want to go when the lines are like yours! :)

jenn said...

I loved the haunted mansion the best. When they do the ghosts in the middle...that was so cool! When we went (OMG) 14 years ago, we waited 2 1/2 hours in line for that, and I think it was worth it.