Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Grief

Charlie Brown!!

It was 70 here on Friday, yesterday it didn't get out of the 30's here with lots of winds and snow off and on. I'd told hubby if I saw snowflakes I was decorating for Christmas, I did get one tree out but it's just out & together for now.

Anyways, today it snowed a little off and on all day no different then yesterday. The kids keep looking out the window trying to see the snow, I assumed it was just like it has been. We only have outside lights with motion detectors here so when the kitten walked by the front door the porch light came on and they went crazy about the snow. Yep, we've got about 1/2" or more on the ground/porch railing/cars etc. right now. There was no forecast for any accumulation either. Now I like snow leading up to Christmas & Christmas day but come January 1 I want it gone. Bad thing is? If we've got snow like this now January & February will probably be worse. EEK.

Ps....I'm gonna be switching the music out on here for Christmas, and the background soon as well. Sorry it's my favorite season and we've already had TWO Thanksgiving dinners with one more to go! =0)


The Lees said...

We've got an inch here in the middle of nowhere! Wow:-) My daughter is praying for a snow day already, LOL. Didn't take her long in school to figure that one out, he he....

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas... (tune in my head:)

Julie said...

It is in the mid 80's here again for part of the week. Ugh. I would actually trade it for snow at this point.
How have you had two Thanksgiving dinners by this time? You are early at everything! lol :) *hugs*