Wednesday, November 12, 2008


That is what I feel like I am with my blog.

I've been online, almost every day since my last post, let's face it I AM online everyday. But I've been taking care of some things that I've been letting go, like my forum Thrifty Diva's. We're trying to update the look and adding new offers and we're even hosting a new member contest in which the winner will win a $10 gift card!! Just in time for the holidays!!

I've been working on a counted cross stitch project more too. I've had this one for a while and just never really worked on it. A few weeks ago I took it to Rachel's ballet school to work on while they were in rehearsal for 2 hours and one of the girls over there was amazed by what I was doing, wanted to watch, ask questions etc. So I'm determined to keep at it so I can show her and think I'll offer to teach her how to do it if she'd like to learn. She is a few years older then Rachel.

The election got me down and with that one of my favorite forums online has had some issues and it just depressed me honestly.

Avery finally got to feeling better on Friday, so we were gone all weekend long pretty much. I got a SONIC fix YAY!! Then Jason left me home with the kids while he went to his mom's Saturday night to watch the WVU football game, coming in late. Sunday was church and to my parent's house, to help get the last of the furniture in the new place, set up the internet connection, several things like that. And we even had Thanksgiving dinner that day, she had two freezers at the old place and two turkeys in those, downsizing meant she had to cook a turkey now. So it looks like we'll go to his parent's for the actual Thanksgiving day dinner.

Our weather has turned cooler to stay I do believe and with that that means MORE time in the house with the kids being cooped up driving each other and myself crazy. Which means less time for me to just play online ;) but Avery is learning to read!!

I'll be back shortly I promise! I've got two pictures of a art project Rachel & Avery did to show you!

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jenn said...

I love to do counted cross stitch. I've done 2 elephants, one of which took me about 6 months, but it is beautiful!