Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a week!

Saturday, Avery began having 'tummy issues', nothing he ate stayed with him long. And I even fed him all the starchy food he wanted but it was just running right through (sorry if TMI). Sunday morning I thought he felt warm but we decided to go to church with him anyways, he was okay all day and ate like a pig!

Monday he was okay but it turned into a horrible afternoon. Our Maltese was attacked and killed by a big dog. I took the younger two for a walk, he went along, no leash laws. We headed down our long dirt driveway (that picture in my profile) towards the main road. We could see the main road but weren't on it when we turned to come home, our doggie stopped to potty and a big dog from ACROSS the main road came across and attacked him, proceeded until he killed him. Great, with my kids watching it all, and it was her dog.

Even better? The owner opened the door to yell at the dog but did nothing after that. We called the humane officer, they aren't answering the door when he's there, nor when I stopped by there. They can't remove the dog from private property UNLESS he has no tags or license. Never mind he was off that property to get my dog, never mind it could've been my 4 year old, never mind there is a public fishing lake right there too and it could be any kid or adult for that matter. I spoke with HO on Tuesday he was coming back out to do a more thorough search for our dog's body, leaving a card and note if they continued to not answer the door with our name and number too. We've still heard nothing. Irks me to pieces.

Tuesday the tummy issues returned for Avery, he was scared to go to the mailbox with me, just right down from our house. I did finally convince him to go that we weren't going down the road "where that big black dog killed our Frosty?" SIGH.
Yesterday morning he made one comment that his belly hurt, after eating breakfast but he said he was fine. We left to go to my parent's house, three miles down the road I stop to get gas and have to get him out of the car to puke. Then again just a few feet short of their he insisted he was fine and wanted to go. They have just moved this past weekend, my Dad is home they wanted to see Grandma & Grandpa and help unpack boxes and such. He got sick one more time that afternoon, took a nap and was fine the rest of the day.

Today, he's running a fever again, ate breakfast okay but has had to run for the potty once.

I WISH he'd get better!!
I WISH the neighbors would own up for their dog's actions.
Oh and yes, I WISH the election had went the other way. That's all I'm saying about that. My candidate didn't win but I'll trust God on this even if it scares me!!
Hopefully the weekend is better for us!


Jen said...

Oh my gosh, HOW AWFUL! I can NOT believe that about your neighbor! I would be LIVID!!! SO SAD! I'm sorry your son is sick. I hope everyone is better soon!

Julie said...

Oh goodness...I hope Avery feels better soon and I am *so* sorry to hear about your poor little doggie, that would break my heart!
And, I too wish that the election had gone the other way. (sigh)

jenn said...

That is awful! Did you say you don't know where your dogs body is? You're poor kids.

I hope they take that dog away. Talk about a danger to others.


crystal said...

I'm so sorry you're having such a horrible week! It's almost over, here's to a better week next week.

The Lees said...

We deal with humane issues out here all the time. Every year hunters kill dear on our farm and the HO refuses to do anything. One year someone killed a deer & just took the head for the rack, leaving us the dead body. We had WITNESSES and a license plate, but still nothing. I feel your pain!

Well, my guy had to bail out early (which I understand), so I've just plain been bummed (Ron Paul baby!). I refused to even watch... A war monger or an abortion supporter? No thanks.

Although, I'll make one point and step down off my soap box. 13 or more vaccinations contain aborted fetal tissue, so in reality any prez who doesn't step up and make them not mandatory like in 48 other states really supports abortion... food for thought.

Good luck with the sick youngin! I've been seeing a lot of them in the practice. It's goin round:-(

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

That is awful! I am so very sorry. Your poor kiddos, having witnessed that. Yikes! :(