Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anyone else this particular?

First did I ever show you our upstairs living room? I thought I did then I went back to link and and all I can find is a sneak peek picture of the black & white sofa's but not the whole room. If I haven't shown the whole room ~ ask me to!!

At our old house we had a red living room so the Christmas tree in that room had clear & white ornaments with small red bows. So that is the tree that is in our upstairs room this year. With that being you go 'anal' with the wrapping paper too? I fell in love with this paper when I found it on clearance last January, oh & the ribbon too. This was my first attempt at making a bow. =0)

I picked these up while in WDW this past September:

flip side


Julie said...

Beautiful tree! I love the ornaments. We always pick one up when we vacation somewhere too! :)

The Lees said...

nope, i'm not particular. as long as the kids have fun & i don't end up with a charlie brown tree. hubby & the kids totally decorated the big tree this year. then i redecorated it when they were all asleep. SHHHHH nobody knows:-) hey, maybe that does make me anal!

Suprina said...

Your Tree looks beautiful Jennifer! Love the ornaments!