Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy Week

So , this is the end of dd's first half of her dance year. Which means, for those in the pre-professional track of her ballet school, performances!!

This coming weekend and next she is dancing in The Snow Queen several times at different venues.

Our schedule looks like this for the next two weeks:
Today (1st), ballet class 4-5pm, dress rehearsal 5-6:30pm
tomorrow (2nd) we're free
Wednesday (3rd)we're free
Thursday (4th)~ dress rehearsal at the venue, full costumes/hair/makeup etc. 4:30-7:30pm
Friday (5th) ~ 8am stage call (hair & makeup ready to go) for a 10am show time (this one is a school performance for area schools), we'll be done around 11:30-11:45am. Back at 5pm for stage call for a 7pm performance
Saturday (6th) ~ We're fortunate that we're off this morning (some of the others aren't)but have a Noon stage call for a 2pm performance.
Sunday (7th) will be church, normal family things.
Monday (8th) ~ class 4-5pm, rehearsal 5-6/6:30pm
Tuesday (9th)~ we're supposed to be going an hour away for a lights festival, thinking about seeing if we can postpone this a week.
Wednesday (10th) ~nothing for me
Thursday (11th) ~ Jason & I are attending a Casting Crowns concert!!!
Friday (12th)~ dress rehearsal from 5-8pm at the second venue, an hour away too.
Saturday (13th) ~ I think it's a 5pm stage call for a 7pm performance...I have a printed schedule, good thing!!
Then we're free of ballet until January. Anyone in the area and want to attend let me know I can get you details =0)

I think it's a good thing we began & finished all our Christmas shopping for our kids on Friday. And my friend Jamie is coming in from California next week for a few weeks and I hope to see her some!! Maybe we can get together one day, do some shopping or something? Like the week of the 15th, Jamie?? I can get a sitter =0)


Julie said...

Wow! You sure sound busy! I hope it's fun though. It sounds like it will be fun for your daughter! :)
I STILL can't believe you are done shopping when I am barely starting to think about it! And, don't remind me that it is officially December now! :)

The Lees said...

Hey R is dropping dance next year for Karate. Help me!!!

Texastam said...

Girl you make me tired just reading you schedule. whew. You will love the Casting Crowns concert they are always great. I will pray for energy and patience for you and your family. Love ya, tammy

jenn said...

Wow. I'm tired just from reading this.

kailani said...

I'm tired just thinking about everything you need to do! LOL!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Ooh what a lot of busy fun! Take lots of pictures :D