Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Concert...

Sorry, I haven't updated since then, I was busy with Rachel's final winter dance performance all weekend, yesterday had me doing errands to catch up!!

I almost thought I wasn't going to get to go. Rachel got sick that afternoon, after lunch. And just about everyone we know has had the stomach virus or some such run through their house. His Grandparent's were keeping them so I would not have exposed his Grandpa (who has major health issues & setbacks this year)to anything. But we ended up dropping them off and going.

So, the concert was Michael English, Natalie Grant, Denver & The Mile High Orchestra, Avalon, PureNRG, and Casting Crowns.

At our center you have floor seats, first level, second level. I bought tickets in the second level for $23 after taxes and such. But they were right by the stage, front row of the section etc. Well we go in, walk around to our area and it's all closed off!! So we find a usher and he says we've been reassigned and sends us back around to the other side. Michael English was on stage at this point, we could hear it all just not see it while walking around.

We get to the other side and that usher isn't too sure where we're supposed to be either so asks another one. They put us in this section of seats on the first level, actually just about 6-7 rows up from the floor, straight back from the stage. When my SIL & her hubby came in they had stopped at the ticket window and got their tickets fixed....for floor seats!!

We saw them come in and I walked down to tell them where we were, there were like 75 seats in our section with people in only about 25 of them so they moved back to sit with us, we could see better ;0) So for our $23 we were reassigned to the more expensive seats, that was a nice bonus.

As for the show...well in my opinion PureNrG was a waste. This group of kids did two songs, at different times throughout the evening and they did NOT sing. They danced and every once in a while yelled a word to the song that was playing. I guess they needed a filler group.

Natalie Grant did well, Avalon was excellent! I really enjoyed them. Denver & his group I had never heard of before. I really enjoyed them, I like that 'big band' sound and boy did they have it.

OH! And I can't forget the 'guest' the Grinch, that was a cute part of the show from all the guys LOL!

And of course, Casting Crowns, well they were missing their one member, sorry I don't know her name she plays violin for them. She was home with her brand new baby girl, understandably! But they still did excellent.

The whole concert was Christmas music minus one song though. And while I love Christmas music I was so hoping they would do a few of their other songs. They closed with East to West, well I should say we closed with. This song was one of the ones they did as a worship song, everyone singing along with them.

Now I'll just say, we're hoping to see them in a non-Christmas concert soon.


Julie said...

Sounds like it was great! I hope we get to see them in concert someday!

The Pfennig's said...

It was good! They did do "Lifesong" too, which is the song that pretty much got them so popular a few years ago.. maybe you werent there yet? It was great! I highly recommend their concerts!

Jennifer said...

You're right, they did!!
I had just forgotten that song ;0)

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Wow! What a wonderful concert. It sounds like an awesome evening!!