Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How was your Christmas?

Ours was nice, if a little weird.

We planned to open presents downstairs in front of the fire where the room is bigger. So hubby started the fire on Christmas Eve and was going to keep it going all night. We have a blower on that fireplace so it really heats up the downstairs too, yay!! Well we woke up about 2am and the power was off, he went and checked the fire and added more wood then came back to bed. We both just assumed it'd be right back on so no big deal. Did I mention we now live in an all electric house? Yeah. So again we wake around 5am and it's still off, he adds more wood to the fire to keep it going but the blower isn't working obviously so it's not going to heat anymore really. We just hoped it would be back on by the time the kids woke up and wanted to open presents, for one thing the house was getting chilly. We got up at 7am , still no power. We used a cell phone (as the phone was out too) to call the power company, they predicted it'd be back on around 9:30 am a tree took out the line ........ 3 miles down the road!!

It was not back on by 10am so we took super quick showers, wrapped up the kids and went to my parent's a little early. We weren't supposed to be there until noon. The kids opened presents upstairs where we have more natural light )although at 7 am there wasn't much of that either. Finally it came back on around 2:30pm and we came home, so they could open all their stuff (we kept the stuff with little pieces in the boxes and such before we left)and cleaned up the mess we'd just left earlier. Thankfully I'd baked my baked potato casserole for dinner the night before!!

Oh and hubby spoiled me so this year! I opened this:

It's an IPod Touch ;)


jenn said...

Nice ipod! It's so pretty!

I'm glad you guys had a good day, despite the power outage!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Bummer about the no power thing! Gaa! Love your new ipod touch! Go hubby :D

Angela said...

Merry Christmas & happy New Year!! LOVE the ipod. I really want one- don't have one yet. I'm like the last kid on the block to have the latest technology! ;)