Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I won!!

So a few weeks ago a blog buddy, Amy (sorry she is private)hosted a giveaway and I won!
I never thought I'd receive a box as jammed packed as this for one little win! THANKS AMY!
She had it all packed up nice and cute, everything in it's own little bag with pretty ribbon etc. But me, being impatient had to tear it all open before I thought to take pictures so then I stuffed it all back in ;0)

A beautiful handmade card, a set of flower magnets, a bag of chocolate candies, a bag of granola, a bag with a pretty ornament (it's alone below), another big white fluffy snowflake ornament, a tube of pastel mints (oh these are yummy!), Godiva milk chocolates (again YUMMY!), and something special in that little pink bag.
Some of it all laid out. See what was in that little pink bag? She make alot of her own jewelry. She'd posted some a few weeks ago and I commented on it, this is a fabulous braclet, I LOVE IT!!
She has one of these in her house decor for Christmas and I was admiring it when it showed up here. It's a Santa's Pocket watch. It has a cute little poem attached to it, I'll have to post that later if you're interested. Anyways this fits into my house so well I found somewhere to hang it right away!!

This is the beautiful little ornament that is packed in a bag at the top. I unwrapped and hung it on the tree quickly. It fits my tree decor perfectly!! Isn't it gorgeous? It's made of tin I believe.

Another shot of the snowflake hanging on the tree. I may have missed something although I hope not, this post was more for me to say THANK YOU AGAIN to Amy!! I hope your family has a excellent Christmas season!! Thank you for being a great blog buddy!


jenn said...

Everything is beautiful!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your win. Everything looks so lovely, especially the pocket watch.

Laura B. said...

HOW FUN! I wish I had everything! :-)

duchess said...

Congratulations. Looks like some nice stuff.

Julie said...

What a nice gift! Congratulations! :)

Jen said...

SO PERFECT! All of it! Isn't Amy the best!!! Congrats on your win! I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season! :)

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Aww what a sweet post! The ornaments look lovely on your tree! I have to admit it was tough not to sample the candy... I'm happy you like everything :D Merry Christmas! I am so glad we're bloggy buddies!

Linda said...

Hi...happened to find you among the Sunday Baker's blog. Very cute design you have! Hope you will visit mine. I am VERY interested in your Oreo truffles. Did you ever get the chance to whip them up? I made chocolate chip cookie dough truffles...posted on my blog. Would you mind sharing your recipe with me? Happy New Year!