Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Isn't it weird?

How you get so used to having someone/something in your life that you just take it for granted? Then when it's gone you realize how much you miss it and often have regrets about things you could've done differently?

Our doggie has been gone a month or so now, and I think it's finally setting in that he's gone. And boy are we missing him. We browsed the pet store on Sunday looking at puppies. I've been checking the pounds website to see what they have. Jason & I have been discussing what type of dog we'd like to get next, we're not agreeing on this yet, I want something a little big (think Lab, Collie, etc.) he wants smaller (think Beagle, Corgi). The one thing we do agree on is that we don't want another little one that has to be kept in the house. And that we think it would be better to wait until spring to get one so we can be outside more, training it more, spending more time with it etc.

Sitting at the dinner table last night Rachel mentioned him and how he used to do some of the silliest things ( he was very silly )and it just made me look at Jason and he had the same reaction. You just don't realize how much a pet affects your family life until they are gone I guess. Oh and did I mention that I found a puppy online that I wouldn't mind finding under my Christmas tree last night....oy, I've got to quit looking!!

Do you have dogs, what kind? Just curious on this one and maybe your answer will help inspire our next dog.


Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Oh I can totally relate to this post! Not losing a pet, but the impact having one has on your family. I absolutely love my Ruby! I cannot imagine not having her. She makes me smile every day. Good luck finding another doggie!

jenn said...

We're not dog people...brandi is afraid. I grew up with golden retrievers, and they will always be my favorite breed.

duchess said...

We're big animal people (me more so than hubby).
We currently have a 7 yr old border collie, Chase and 14 yr old cat, Murphy.
Border collies are very intelligent, loyal & loving but very protective of us & not very good with visitors.

Jen said...

I don't have a dog, but I like puppies. They are adorable. I'm still in shock that your neighbor didn't do anything about his dog. It's awful! Hope you get a cute doggy soon :)

Amber said...

My Step-son and Daughter-in-law have a miniature dachshund, it is way too cute. It has to stay in all the time though.

His last dog on the other hand, a horrible little way too hyper jack russell terrier, I would not recommend to anyone. I've met jack russells that were fine, this one wasn't.

At around 3 or 4 years old she started having seizures and the woman that owns her now has no problems with her being hyper now that she's on seizure medication.

I tell him that I wish I would have thought of telling the vet she was having seizures to get her that medication when she lived here ;-)