Monday, January 12, 2009

Gotta get this done

I've been meaning to do a year end review and things just keep getting in my way. I know it's already January 11 but I need to do this so I can read back next January ;0)

How was your 2008? Anything special happen, maybe a loss in your family that you'll want to remember, maybe a gain in your family? Here's what I remember from 2008:

  • In March our kids turned 11, 8, and 4. Avery had a pretty decent 'party' in Grandma & Grandpa's backyard. The "CARS" theme was a big hit and it was a beautiful warm day, enough to get us all anxious for spring. Sunshine, no jackets needed, warm!! But just 6 short days later on Rachel's birthday once again it was cold & dreary and snowing. Appropriate maybe for her ice skating adventure with friends. Justin just had cake for his birthday as it fell close to Easter and we really didn't go all out.
  • April rolled around and while out looking at houses we decided to drive by his Dad's property again to see if there was a lot available that we wanted. As we left his Dad's property we saw a FOR SALE sign pointing around the lake to a spot where we thought we'd love to live. As a side note this road (Martin Hollow) is named for my Great-grandmother's family. Her house used to sit in the bottom area where the dam/lake now resides, in the 60's the county had to come in and put in a reservoir after a massive flood washed out the whole area from here down the road several miles away. We put in an offer & get rejected.
  • May, we receive a call from our realtor. They are now ready to give us 60 days to get a contract on the sale of our property. WE put our house on the market and proceed with a house inspection on the new place. A crack is found in the foundation that requires further investigation. We take the older two kids to Washington D.C. for a whirlwind weekend trip ~ they LOVED it. We get a very interested buyer (wait ~ TWO!) in our house. AND I'm honored to be with my sister in-law at the birth of her third son, Levi!!
  • June we proceed with the purchase on the new place , all is okay. We get a contract on the sell of our house YAY!! I reconnect with a cousin I used to be close to while attending a family reunion. Rachel attend a week long ballet class with a guy from the Moscow Ballet company.
  • July finds me packing up to prepare for a move in August!! And spending lots of time in the pool at my parent's house with the kids. We close on the purchase of our new home @ the end of the month. Rachel attends ballet classes on Tues & Thurs, as part of her 'pre-professional' track.
  • August finds us working hard the first week or so to get the new house ready for move in. Painting several rooms, having carpet installed downstairs, packing!! Moving day, August 8th. Closing on the sale of our house, August 15th. We bring home Justin's new orange kitten Garfield.
  • September we start on our 2nd year of homeschool, I should say I as I do it all (except the actually schoolwork ;0) ). AND going to Walt Disney World for a week for our second visit!! Justin decides to stay with Grandma & Grandpa while we're gone for the week, he isn't into WDW as well as the rest of us. We go down a day early to spend Sunday on the beach in New Smyrna. While there we explore Daytona USA & the racetrack, Avery really enjoys that! We have a ball at WDW. Rachel begins her 3rd year of ballet, this year moving up to AP2.
  • October we're settling into the house, the school routine, the fact that the kids can come & go in and out as they please without me having to be with them constantly like where we used to lived. Our Maltese is attacked & killed by a big dog, in front of me, Rachel & Avery while we're out for a walk.
  • November...Avery is learning to read!! Rachel is dancing away. Justin is finishing up his first year of Archery classes and really enjoying it.
  • December, brings the dark since we have no electric from 2am-3pm Christmas day. Rachel's performance as a Garland Dancer in The Snow Queen at the Cultural Center & WVU Tech. Jason & I attend a Christmas Celebration with the Casting Crowns, along with his sister & her hubby. My friend Jamie comes home from California for 5 weeks!! We see her & her family several times, explore our property with them, go to the Creation Museum in KY with them one day, just enjoy having them here.

So how was your 2008? Here's to a happy 2009!