Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's talk about yards.

What does your yard look like? I'm sure it looks different at all times of the year, right?

We're new to this house, I mean we just moved in in August so we're unsure of what flowers or trees could be blooming around here in the next few weeks. So with not knowing I didn't plant any bulbs last fall (tulips) like I wanted to.

We did realize that the grass wasn't thick but it wasn't to bad in most places. That is...until the neighbors got a puppy in September and she comes & spends the days (and evenings & most nights) here at our house. And did I mention she travels up & over the mountain and comes back with another HUGE dog? Yeah. So right now our yard is like a muddy icky swamp....not much grass coverage anywhere.

Of course the 4-5" of snow we had on Sunday has something to do with that ;) It's melting off so that makes the liquid part of the mud. But the lack of grass (even if it were dead due to winter)is one of the biggest issues I think. I'm hoping the sun today dries it out some so that tomorrow when it's supposed to be warmer the kids & I can get outside WITH the puppies!! They are in their pen enjoying the weather today but we can't possibly play with them in that mud swamp of a yard....not with other big dogs around that will want to join in.

We're going to have to get some grass seed & hay down SOON. Then I hope to add some hydrangea bushes somewhere. I had two at the old house & those are my favorite that I miss. I'll wait until fall for tulips to be planted I guess. Other then that I'm not much of a flower kind of girl but I do so miss those two!!

So what do you have in your yard right now? What about once things begin to bloom, what are looking forward to seeing sprout?

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James said...

Well, our front looks great.. but the back, well thats another question. Where we once had the pool, the sprinklers don't hit that section too good so we (or I should say he) has alot of work to do. Last summer and even now its just very spotty with different grasses, with some dead spots. If we only got rain it wouldnt be a problem!