Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What to say?

I don't know. I can't seem to get in the mood to do this lately. I can't seem to come up with anything interesting to say so I just want to skip it.

I'm trying to read 100 books to earn a gold library card this year, so I'm trying to concentrate more on reading when I have time.

We're just about done with our schooling for the year, well we've still got at least 3 full weeks left, not sure if we'll have 6 full weeks or not, I only do 3 weeks in advance ;) But still I know it won't be much longer. Avery finished the curriculum I bought for him a while back, so I've been doing some reading in kindergarten books with him some days. I can't even seem to make myself do that with him on a daily basis.

We've got new puppies, who add a little more work to my day, and more fun & joy to my day too. So yes, I have been playing with them some.

Last time, I mentioned Hawaii as a possibility for us in the next year or two, most likely fall of 2010. So I've been researching that online, even pricing trips to see if we could get an idea of the costs. We can't book that far out, can't even get a quote that far ahead but we're using this fall to see what prices seem to be in the fall. And Lori, you've been to Europe, right? By boat I guess? I think I'm going to have to quit spending time doing that as it makes me want to book now for this fall and I'm not sure financially we could go this year.

We're hoping to have our garage redone, I just got that estimate this morning. I think it's more then we were hoping it would be so not sure what we'll do with that.

I'm trying to be better about keeping my forum up to date with free sample offers, posting famous recipes (think Olive Garden, Chili's, Wendy's etc.)and not slack on that.

Beginning Monday it's the "birthday season" around here. Youngest son's is Monday, daughter's is the 8th, oldest son's the 21st, then we have my brothers, a good friend (hey Jamie!!), my mil's, a nephew, best friends two kids who are close friends of my kids, mine is last on the 24th...I don't think I left anyone out. And yes, we do something for all of them, just about. Not Jamie...too bad you're in Cali or we could!!

It is the height of dance season in our house too. She has a fundraiser performance next Friday night. Class is on Monday's & Friday's. Now we have rehearsals for a April performance on Friday evenings & some Saturday's too until April 7th..the big night. Then it will be back to twice a week for a few weeks until recital in May, tryouts for placement for next year then a break until open classes & camps begin in July!!

I'm concerned for our dear friends who are on bad times right now. He's out of work, does the same thing my hubby does only is self-employed. We were there a few years ago, although nowhere near as bad off as they are at the moment I don't think. It was just hard for us & Jason decided to give up the working for himself thing & take a job in a office. He's kept his friend busy but now things are slow for his company too and he barely has enough work to keep his employees busy let alone contracting work out. Please pray for Jeff & Stacy & their family. I am.

And if I'm being honest here....Facebook....I'm sure that explains alot to some of you. It's addicting and I can't seem to stay away from there!!


jenn said...

I spend more time on facebook these days, too. It's more fun!

I hope you friends find work soon...it's a tough time we're in...

Jen said...

ahhhh, the Facebook. It too, has sucked me in! Just faster and easier to bounce around there and catch up on everybody' life. However, reading blogs is still much more entertaining and informative if I'd sit my hind end down and read them more often, let alone post something of my own.

Lisa said...

I have been addicted to Facebook as of late, also. It's so important to know every move of my childhood friends. Hehehe