Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Your weekend?

How was your Valentine's weekend?
Ours was nice, at least I thought so ;0)

Friday I took my Odyssey to the dealer @ sat there for almost 3 hours while they did some general maintenance. I do have to go back as soon as a shock comes in too though, to replace one that is leaking excessively. Well, one of us will go. Usually hubby takes it in but I didn't mind going, taking a book along & my Ipod and getting some reading done. I'm working on reading 100 books this year to earn a gold card from my library. Anyways, I thought I'd be nice and go for him. =0)

Then Saturday he & I went out to dinner at Olive Garden for Valentine's Day. He also bought me a dock for the Ipod Touch he bought me for Christmas. I bought him a WVU basketball t-shirt, one of those cards that plays music ~ a song that has sentimental value to us both, and a bag of mini Reese cups. They were supposed to be going on a cake but I didn't have all the ingredients to make the cake so I copped out & gave him the bag of candy instead =0).

While we were out we looked for some type of fencing to make a pen for the puppies so we can put them out for longer periods of time and not have to be right with them. We have a neighbor's dog/puppy that likes to stay here & she can be a little too rough with them, not to mention she's big!! Then another neighborhood dog has been showing up and he is HUGE and I mean HUGE so we'd hoped this would work.

Sunday after church & lunch Jason worked on the pen, it didn't last long. The dog Roxy was in it with them in no time, bent it down so they could crawl up and over it. So he worked some more on it last night, put them in it this morning when he left for work while I cleaned out their area inside and when I went to get them one was out, he fit through the fencing at the top and Bella was crying trying to get out too. Not to mention BOTH bigger dogs had jumped it and were in it with them so that isn't going to keep them safe. I guess it's back to the drawing board for him.

We are fast approaching what I call the 'birthday season' around here & countdowns have begun by all three kids to "their day". Not sure what we'll do as far as parties or anything goes though.

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